Jasmyn Pdf

Jasmyn Pdf

Jasmyn Pdf

Jasmyn Pdf

About the book:

Jasmyn book

Author: Alex Bell

Publisher: Gollancz

Publish date: (November 1, 2010)

ISBN-10: 0575084456

ISBN-13: 978-0575084452

Pages: 304 ebook pages can be diffferent

Language: English

Genres: Paranormal & Urban, Science Fiction,


Things started to happen after Liam died … strange things that I could not explain and did not

understand. As if trying to work out how to live without him wasn’t difficult enough on its own.

The incident at the funeral was only the start, which is ironic when you consider that I stood

there thinking it was the end. I thought it was the last difficult thing I had to do before I could

concentrate on nothing but grieving and hurting and coping.

When the time came, I couldn’t imagine Liam inside the coffin. The very idea that he was sealed

inside that wooden box seemed laughable to me and, indeed, for some moments I was afraid that

I really was going to burst into shrill, hysterical laughter. It bubbled up in my chest, but I thrust it

back down and in another moment the urge to laugh was completely gone as a fresh wave of

sadness swept over me. This was so unfair. I shouldn’t be here doing this right now. I shouldn’t

have to do this for years and years.

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