Keeping the Moon pdf

Keeping the Moon pdf

Keeping the Moon pdf

Keeping the Moon pdf

About the book:

Keeping the Moon book

Author:                        Sarah Dessen

Publisher:                    Speak; 8th printing edition

Publish date:               May 11, 2004

ISBN-10:                      0142401765

ISBN-13:                      9780142401767

Pages:                          228 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult



I just finished re-reading this book. I first read it a few years ago when I was 16 so I’ve been waiting a while to re-read this book and give it an appropriate appraisal. I thought that it might be difficult for me to get back into since I’d already read it and was anxious that I wouldn’t like it as much as I did when I was younger. However, I found myself just as absorbed as I was the 1st time. Giggling at the same parts, forestalling the same things and adoring all the characters. Colie is so real and Dessen is awesome at capturing the young voice.

Colie has a hard time making friends since she’s never really had any. Moving around when she was younger and being bulky didn’t help the scenario. Now a few years later and almost 37-38 pounds lighter everyone at school still hates her. Her mother is a world renowned workout idol and is going on tour around Europe. This leaves Colie to stay in Colby for the summer with her aunt Mira. Her strange artistic type aunt that she hardly knows and that is mocked by the rest of the small town. All through the summer Colie makes friends with the 2 girls working at the Last Chance (Isabel and Morgan) and Norman, the strange but cute hippie-ish guy who lives in Mira’s downstairs. She finds the resolution to finally “let it go” and realizes that she always had it in her to be the person she always hoped she was.

This book will always have a distinct place in my heart because it was my 1st Sarah Dessen book, and the book that got me into reading in the 1st place. It was easy for me to narrate to Colie. The feeling that what others think and say about you are what define you. I loved the point that although Colie lost the weight, it didn’t mean that she spontaneously got the confidence that other slim people have. She mugs up that it all depends on us. At times it takes someone on the outside to believe in us though, until we actually believe it ourselves. One of my all-time favorites and certainly set the bar for the rest of the young adult books that I’ve read. Humorous, sweet and real. What more could you demand!?
I can’t quite determine exactly why I love this book so much. I guess it’s really because of its characters. Each character has insight and depth, no one is short altered or just a side character. Each one has a genuine personality all their own and I like each of them even though their weaknesses are easy to see.

This book is about growing up, understanding what is real, and finally finding your own worth.

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