Let Us C++ Pdf (Yashavant P. Kanetkar)

Let Us C++ Pdf

Let Us C++ Pdf

Let Us C++ Pdf

About the Book:

Let Us C++ Book

Author:                      Yashavant P. Kanetkar

Publisher:                    Bpb Publications

Publish date:               14 March 2003

ISBN-10:                      8176561061

ISBN-13:                      9788176561068

Pages:                          605 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Computer, Programming


I felt obliged to write a review after seeing some negative remarks. Well -first thing first- nobody can’t please everyone. But if you are someone who is new to C and considering to read this book all I can say is “don’t wait” and go ahead. Obviously this book is not for advance C programmers. This is for novices. Anyone who read this book will notice the exertion the writer has given to mention trivial slipups anybody would make at the start of their C journey which would in turn hours of debugging time. If you find learning from K&R is tricky then this book is the salvation.
This is a very decent book for rookies to get started with C, especially for those who lack computer science background or are new to programming. To all those who had such negative comments, this book is mainly proposed for pupils/professionals of India who are new to C language. It is written in simple English with brief code and examples. The book addresses like a story and can be completed within a week. Yet it presents concepts like pointers, structures, strings handling etc. in a casual way. This is definitely not a comprehensive C book and that’s not the writer’s aim. It is just a mild overview to C and it is as simple as that. Author uses unconventional dialectal to entice the attention of the reader and help you understand. Highly Recommended for the newbies of C languages.

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