Lost Soul Pdf

Lost Soul Pdf

Lost Soul Pdf

Lost Soul Pdf

About the book:

Lost Soul Book

Author: T. G. Ayer

Series: DarkWorld: SkinWalker (Book 2)

Publisher: Infinite Ink

Publish date: (September 17, 2018)

ISBN-10: 0995112533

ISBN-13: 978-0995112537

Pages: 328 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Urban fantasy


With her sister missing and her mother and Anjelo stuck in the Wraith World, Kai must find a way to save them all. But the Wraith poison has brought her to her knees and only Logan’s fire can help ease her pain. Uncertain who to rescue first, Kai’s decision is made for her when she discovers her sister Greer is stuck in the Greylands and slowly going insane. Desperate to save her, Kai will go to incredible lengths to obtain a portal key to the land of the dead – and maybe, she’ll go one step too far. From Death-talkers to demons, trackers to ghosts, Kai must fight against betrayal and evade the clutches of danger to set her sister free. Can she save Greer from a horrific death – and will she ever be able to forgive herself if she can’t?

Lost Soul Pdf

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