Manual of the Warrior of Light Pdf

Manual of the Warrior of Light Pdf

Manual of the Warrior of Light Pdf

Manual of the Warrior of Light Pdf

About the Book:

Manual of the Warrior of Light Book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Publisher:                    HarperOne; Reprint edition

Publish date:               March 30, 2004

ISBN-10:                      0060527986

ISBN-13:                      978-0060527983

Pages:                         160 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Inspirational Writing


I loved “The Alchemist”. The notion of chase, and critical attainment told in parable manner raised both mettle and optimism for me.
“Warrior of the Light” grows on the subjects Coelho lay down in “The Alchemist”, providing ordinary instructions for reaching the rational status of The Warrior. It’s an expedient to carry portable guide, and is phenomenal to pick up for a moment’s stimulus in the pursuit of dreams. Among the many teachings covered in “Warrior” is the worth of fiasco (a key to all of Coelho’s works), veneration for the universal principles, living through your hallucinations, and appreciation of nature. It is an exceptional book to simply open, engross and ponder upon. And the teachings of the Warrior make for extraordinary living on a daily basis. It was a book packed with maxims, words of reassurance and understanding, occupied with so much insight on life. As you follow reading each page, you would understand that you can relate to what the writer is sharing to us, that in each one of us there is a warrior of light, hiding under our crinkles of fear, qualms and solitude. A Warrior of Light is not impeccable, and more than we could envision, have more imperfections than what eyes can take in; but a Warrior of Light is not petrified to admit his faults and get through about his chosen path with the optimism that he will momentarily find his way to his Personal Legend. He believes that no one can live up to his purpose but he alone; and devoid of God, he is nothing but a mere dirt on the surface of the Earth. This book is not only a book of inspiring quotes but a book replicating our own personal actions and moods; it’s a reflection of our own selves, seeing through it that we are adept and we can be strong with always in our thoughts and emotions the gift of faith, optimism and love. I recommend this book, not only for those who wants to read something different, but especially to those who feels hopeless in life, to those who reasons that their life is worthless and filled with solitude. Be not troubled to reflect on your life, and learn that you are more than what you think you can be.

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