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Matched Pdf

Matched Pdf

About the book:

Matched book

Author:                        Ally Condie

Publisher:                    Penguin

Publish date:               2 Jun. 2011

ISBN-10:                      0141334789

ISBN-13:                      9780141334783

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult and Science Fiction


Ok. We breathe Jordan. We try to recover from his emotions, and writing. Intelligently if possible.
I think you’ve got it, I’m completely lost, my thoughts are still problems and I have the heart beating a mile a hour … In short, I am totally and again lost in the fantasy world of Matched My favorite this fall.
You probably want to know what I fell in love? Here we go: Welcome to a world of Officials (or authorities, as you prefer) decide everything: who is your soul mate, you exercise your business with whom you have the right to discuss or not and Date when you die. Welcome to a world where only 100 songs, 100 and 100 Poems Stories are available and where your every move is observed. Welcome to a world in which you trap, in which locks you in which you are offered a semblance of real life.
It is in this universe-Utopian totally against that one follows Cassia, a young teenage girl who just turned seventeen and has just been assigned her partner, her “Match”: Xander. Everything is going well so far, but from the moment Cassia, wanting to know more Xander through the MMC that he was given at its Matching ceremony, discovers on the screen of that face that of Ky.
From there, you can not let go of the novel … Forget the moments when you can breathe as normal during playback, here there is none. Surprises are everywhere, all the time. The suspense is omnipresent, we feel that a threat looms, everything is too “perfect.” The atmosphere is heavy, dark, as I like.
In this fascinating world, we also discover a quest for truth, Cassia going to want to rebel, and this adventure with her was a delight. Between tears and shivers, the novel captivates us, literally. Of course, there is this story of love present in YA novels, but there it is really touching and exciting. I have often had this knot in my stomach that I look for in a book and I barely frankly to find … There I was served!
Behind the story, I would point out that the author’s style is just … Atrocious … Terribly wonderful. All is sweetness and tear, read the text of Ally Condie knocked me out, it was just perfect. She writes with finesse and delicacy, always leaving us breathless, transfixed by the simple words that change everything. She managed to create a spellbinding world, which we always want more. Whenever I had a free moment, I was reading this magical book, and although I tried to slow my reading, history snapped up so much that the temptation was too irresistible not to give it.

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