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Metro 2034 Pdf

Metro 2034 Pdf

Metro 2034 Pdf

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Metro 2034 Pdf book

Author:                       Dmitry Glukhovsky, Rupert Degas, Andrew Bromfield

Publisher:                   Brilliance Audio; MP3 Una edition

Publish date:               May 27, 2014

ISBN-10:                      1491508191

ISBN-13:                      9781491508190

Pages:                          316 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                      Future books


The Gluchovskijs bleak portrayal is a phenomenon that has received considerable attention in recent years. He has written two books that have been translated into Swedish, a FPS with RPG elements have been launched and a second is under development, and last I checked, related news negotiates the author with some major film studios of the rights to the film version. Let us still hope that the project lands in Uwe Boll’s knees.

Last year I got hold of a version of Metro 2033, a pretty okay translation of an amateur translators. I liked the book. The main character, Artyom is a character you almost cannot feel bad about because he does not have many views or serious shortcomings, but acts as a lens through which we see Gluchovskijs post-apocalyptic world, an original world, despite the way it was created on already been used many, many times before in both books, movies and games. What I appreciated with Metro 2033 was the atmosphere and the ever oppressive feeling of claustrophobia and to have someone’s eye in the neck. There I found a little less about being the way the characters and places was introduced on. The side characters followed one, another one after another without returning before the end and the stations were as many as different. Metro 2033 is basically an introduction to this world and with his first short story writer wanted to show us as much as possible about it. The mission itself was the point of the book, while the hasty and abrupt end was mostly to put an end to Artyoms journey.

Metro 2034 on the other hand is smaller and it is limited to fewer characters, stations and monsters. And I think this is a smart move. If 2033 was a macroscopic view of the world so are its followers a microscopic glimpse of a few days in three-four people’s life. The book has in my opinion extremely short and you had time to read half of it before something important happens, but even so, it is more memorable than 2033. It is more or less independent and it would be wrong to implement it into a trilogy now if the author would decide it. Because I do not think that the book wants to convey to the reader is how the epic struggle between the mutants and the few remaining people go (the plot is actually the book’s weakest side), but how apocalypse affected the little man, how it got her to stop hoping, but her for the sake of giving up and settled down to die. Humans have become accustomed to the darkness underground and her time is short, yet life goes slowly on, day by day. Gluchovskijs has accused his hobby philosophizing, but I think his philosophical elements are often suitable, although they are not always as deep as one might wish. The world’s downfall definitely affects survivors thinking and Homer is a good character to place in the center of the action, for he remembers the days before the end, he sees his notice darkness and he can relate to both, he can compare them with more words than just “good” and “bad”. I liked the fact that Homer is not a hero who is skilled with weapons, but instead use words to try to accomplish something (although there is little in the book that listens to him). Like its predecessor so imbued in 2034 of a typical melancholy, which does not make the book dull and monotonous. Violence is raw, terror arrest and they will survive strong. 2034 is not entirely independent, because we know what became of Artyom and the Dark and the end is clearly open, so I look forward to the next element in the series. Metro 2034 is simply the best book I read this summer. The fact that competition has downright been lamentable means that Metro 2034 is even more memorable for me. Highly Recommended.

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