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Misery Pdf

Misery Pdf

Misery Pdf

About the Book:

Misery Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet; Reissue edition

Publish date:               June 3, 1988

ISBN-10:                      0451169522

ISBN-13:                      9780451169525

Pages:                          352 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Psychological horror


‘Misery’ is a horrible story of agony with blood, guts, and a psychopath. It’s a well told story, the characters are well developed and the fact that there are only 2 of them never gets boring. It’s a genuine page turner, in fact I finished it tonight after getting off the tunnel on the platform before I walked home. But, this book is much more than a thriller, just like King is more than just a pulp writer.

I read an artifact by the ever optimistic and jovial Harold Bloom in college about how disheartened he was that young people like Stephen King so much. All the fiction critics I’ve read hate King and it looks like it’s just because people really enjoy reading his work. Yeah, Bloom, I said ‘work’ just like I would about Tolstoy’s ‘work’ because Stephen King as gritty hard worker. Think of all the books he’s mixed out over the last few decades. I’d like to see Harold Bloom show adequate imagination to write fiction instead of just censuring it all the time.

I’m actually new to Stephen King’s fiction. I’ve read a few of the compositions and articles he’s written and a prodigious graduation speech he gave at UMaine a while ago in which he inscribed the virtues of our mutual home state, but this is only my third novel by him. I like this guy, and I know why too. It’s not just because he makes me shriek and I have a hard time putting his books down, it’s because King loves writing. He has a solid and self-aware relationship with what it means to be a writer. He knows he’s not Tolstoy or Rowling, he doesn’t try to write that way. He knows how to tell a good well-pitched story and he has a passion for it. I appreciate his self-awareness as a writer and the fact that he concedes how tough the whole process is while not making us feel like he’s somehow superior because he’s figured out how to do it.

In ‘Misery’ it’s almost like we get to watch King write this tale. He doesn’t just set us up for a crazy tale and watch us discover things on our own about his characters, it feels like he actually comes with us and makes the discoveries at the same time we do. That’s what makes a worthy narrator. And I don’t give a damn if Bloom likes him or not.
I recommend this book to all authors, and I’m going to get my own copy one day because I’ll want to read this again. I may read Carrie and The Tommy Knockers for good measure.

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