Neverwhere Pdf

Neverwhere Pdf

Neverwhere Pdf

Neverwhere Pdf

About the book:

Neverwhere book

Author:                        Neil Gaiman

Publisher:                    Headline Review

Publish date:               19 Sept. 2005

ISBN-10:                      0755322800

ISBN-13:                      9780755322800

Pages:                          400 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy


London, a night like so many others. Richard Mayhew discovered a girl lying on the sidewalk, bleeding shoulder. Who begs him not to take her to the hospital … and disappears the next day. For Richard, then everything goes wrong: his fiancee leaves him, it does not recognize the office, some. Also, do see the most … The world upside down, somehow. For it seems that London has a reverse, the “city of En Bas” underground city inhabited by a people of another time, invisible to ordinary mortals. An organized people, hierarchical and headed by rats play a major role. Nothing holding the “up there”, Richard joined the depths …

A novel of original urban fantasy, but disappointing. No real dramatic tension sets in. The protagonists spend meeting in episode at full speed, and nothing has enough depth. And the author tired by his attempts at humor that end up giving the impression that tap on the shoulder of the player as if they had kept pigs together – while not. Gaiman has an excellent reputation, and I expected much better.

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