Not That Kind of Girl Pdf

Not That Kind of Girl Pdf

Not That Kind of Girl Pdf

Not That Kind of Girl Pdf

About the book:

Not That Kind of Girl book

Author:                       Lena Dunham

Publisher:                   Random House; First Edition edition

Publish date:               September 30, 2014

ISBN-10:                      081299499X

ISBN-13:                     9780812994995

Pages:                          288 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Essay Books


If the girls series is a success, this is not the case of the book that does not happen a interresser. I have not felt the breath of freshness of his television writing or found myself in his experiments that seem to be that of a well-born girl of girls every day. Dunham place the course of his life as a shopping list with no special attachment is spring for its author. It’s a shame. I was delighted to find this verve that I appreciate in its scenarios and in the end no one learns much about what life has taught him.
Review no 2:
I would have loved to love this autobiography, unfortunately I’m a little disappointed … If some episodes of Lena Dunham’s life are interesting, charming, funny and well written (I think particularly his experience of clothing saleswoman Luxury children’s phobias, sessions in various shrinks and its relation to his parents), the rest is my anecdotal and rough sense. It is better to look at all the Girls seasons than reading this book. Or wait for it so in your pocket! If I was honest I would have 2 stars but I like the work of Lena Dunham then I put 3 🙂

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