Object Oriented Programming In C++ by Robert Lafore PDF

Object Oriented Programming In C++ by Robert Lafore PDF

Object Oriented Programming In C++

Object Oriented Programming In C++

About the book:

Object Oriented Programming In C++ book

Author:                        Robert Lafore

Publisher:                    Sams Publishing; 4 edition

Publish date:               December 29, 2001

ISBN-10:                      0672323087

ISBN-13:                      9780672323089

Pages:                          1040 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Programming, c++



I’ve been a software engineer for almost 2 years now. I was lucky to have learned C++ and Data Structures by books written by Robert Lafore. In my time in the field, I’ve observed that I have a much stronger understanding of C++ and Data Structures than many of my senior coders. It seems that the books they learned from in seminary were so obscure and academic that they really fear opening the book, let alone creating binary trees, heaps and weighted graphs. Evidently they are also C spaghetti coders and they have no problem with global variables.

When I was in college the mandatory C++ text was Deitel and Deitel’s C++ How to Program. The book was just pure lackluster to me, fell apart and looked like it was written in some sort of Linux text editor. Though the other half of C++ coders have a preference of this book over any other, I ultimately used Robert Lafore’s Object Oriented Programming in C++ to learn the material. OOP in C++ is really entertaining to read compared to the snoozers the old guys used to read.

According to me, there is no other technical writer that matches. He makes the material so simple and easy you are swayed that you are missing something. When I hear a senior coder talk in fright about data structures and that creepy “Object Oriented Programming” I always have to question if they know something about OOP and DS that I don’t know about? Is there? Because I’m still questioning it. I’m okay with the OOP but that spaghetti code frights the daylights out of me.

Robert Lafore only run-ins the surface of Big O notation and pseudo code in his data structures book. He also phrased the book so nicely that many of my senior coders have made demeaning remarks about how the book was written for grade schoolers, yet they use my Lafore’s DS book 5 times more than they do their “MIT algorithms” book. It is an exceptional book. Robert Lafore clarifies difficult concepts better than any other programming language writer. To be specific, his illustrations are exceptionally useful in understanding significant C++ concepts. His way of writing is easy to understand and the programming examples are outstanding. There are few typographical errors or mistakes in his books and the end of chapter exercises are very good. C++ is a very multifaceted programming language. This book is your best ticket to gaining an understanding.

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