Quidditch Through the Ages Pdf

Quidditch Through the Ages Pdf

Quidditch Through the Ages Pdf

Quidditch Through the Ages Pdf

About the Book:

Quidditch Through the Ages Book

Author:                                J. K. Rowling

Publish Date:                     March 2001

Publisher:                            Rebound by Sagebrush

ISBN-10:                               0613329740

ISBN-13:                               9780613329743

Language:                           English

Book Pages:                       56 (eBook pages can be different)

Genre:                                 Fantasy, Fantasy


With the fame of Harry Potter came a flood of products in the form of shirts, stickers, candies, Band-Aid’s, movies, posters and seemingly some books based off ones that were found in the archive of Hogwarts: Kenilworth Whisp’s Quidditch Through the Ages and Newt Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Both books were written for the charity Comic Relief, or if you would rely on the back of the book, limited issues were released to the Muggles population as a symbol of good will for the above-mentioned charity. What’s a truly nice touch is that the price at the bottom of the books features a change to Sickles and Knuts, tallying to the idea that the wizarding world is just around the corner from ours.

Quidditch Through the Ages specifics the history of Quidditch and how it progressed over the centuries, as well as other sports from the wizarding world that have either become extinct, fused with Quidditch, or still exist today. The reason and progression of using the broomstick as a mode of transportation is also explained in detail, as its history matches with Quidditch. The final chapters provide an analysis of the several Quidditch teams and even some of the tactics and penalties that happen during a match.

Evaluating in at fifty six pages, Quidditch Through the Ages seems thin but is packed full with an astounding amount of information. Every side of the game, from the balls, the back ground of the pitch, places and even the steps wizards take to keep Muggles from seeing even the biggest competitions is explained in minute and brief detail. Another reason that I loved this short story is because it gave the understanding of the Harry Potter’s World. It goes afar from Hogwarts and the English landscape, shedding light on a couple of queries that readers had during the series. The main 7 books never told you what magic was like in other countries, only just scratching the outward of the European mainland during the fourth, but with Quidditch Through the Ages you get a better feel for the myths of the world.

In the end, Quidditch Through the Ages is a brief, engaging and enlightening course into the wizarding world’s most popular sport. The fact that such a thing exists is a proof to the work that went behind the fantasy world and how immersed with insight Harry Potter’s world is. Even if that insight revolves around a sport. Hardcore Harry Potter fans would possibly appreciate this book more than a casual fan, although it is a prodigious piece of supplementary work. It’s good reading for those who have read the Harry Potter books. It helps to improve the world that has been created and compliments the books. It’s not intensely long, so it’s decent light reading while still being worth the money. Overall, an enjoyable read.

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