Salem’s Lot pdf

Salem’s Lot pdf

Salem's Lot pdf

Salem’s Lot pdf

About the book:

Salem’s Lot book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Anchor; Reprint edition

Publish date:               December 27, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0307743675

ISBN-13:                      9780307743671

Pages:                          672 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Gothic, horror, fiction, literature



Stephen King does a lot to break that myth with ‘Salem’s Lot. This a horrifying novel about a vampire who destroys a town from the inside out. This is a horror tale about the darkness that we don’t see evidently (or maybe we overlook) about our friends, families, and neighbors.

What was the most terrible part of this book for me? You’re going to guess wrong. It wasn’t the fear of the vampires. It was seeing a woman punch her 10-month old baby in the face because he was crying. Yes, that concerned me more than any of the actual supernatural horror. I say to Mr. King that you know what fears prowl in our hearts. The dark is full of potential evil that can own us, take over our bodies, and turn us into monsters. But, the realest monsters are the human ones. With this novel, Mr. King showed me both kinds of monsters.

Do you believe that there are no true mysteries in a small town? You’d be right if you said yes. You’d be just as right if you said no. The townsfolk of ‘Salem’s Lot know a lot more than they want to know about their neighbors, but they oversee it, ignore it, sweep the sins under the rug until the rug starts to swell in the middle, and it won’t hold those secrets anymore.

For example, ‘Salem’s Lot sheltered an ex-mobster who had a fondness for devil worship. He lived in a daunting house on the top of a hill, the Marsten House. It was a house that haunted Ben Mears after he went there as a 9 year old on a dare. He went there, and saw something that was from his vilest nightmares, but he believed even in his maturity to be true. The evil that Hubie Marsten brought into reality never died. The house held it as a battery holds a charge. It was the perfect abode for a vampire and his evil follower to set up shop in this little town.

In this story, we learn about the highs and lows of the human state. How a person can bounce back from misery, face his/her vilest fears, and quite possibly wrap his mind around events that cannot be real to a practical mind. We learn about what a person’s limits are.
I intentionally read ‘Salem’s Lot during the day, because it is quite, quite scary. Even still, I thought about a duos of red eyes haunting me in the night. Feared for the scraping of a lost loved one against my windowpane as I tried to sleep at night. Some part of me yearned that I had not mistakably invited the wrong person into my house. If that is what makes an effective and successful vampire novel, I’d say Stephen King has succeeded in a big way.

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