Sanctum’s Breach Pdf Delver Magic

Sanctum’s Breach Pdf Delver Magic

Sanctum's Breach Pdf Delver Magic

Sanctum’s Breach Pdf Delver Magic

About the book:

Sanctum’s Breach Delver Magic book

Author: Jeff Inlo

Series: Delver Magic

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Publish date: December 15, 2009


Pages: 451 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature , Science Fiction & Fantasy

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A rolling tremor passes through the land of Uton signaling the return of long absent magic as well as an ancient evil. Ryson Acumen, purebred delver, learns the Sphere of Ingar, a talisman that captured all magical energy long ago, is free from its tomb in Sanctum Mountain. As violent, evil creatures return to shred every notion of reality, the sphere gains awareness and chooses to spew corrupted magical power to obliterate all life.

The sphere must be destroyed but it rests within Sanctum, a hollow mountain with a single path to its center. The way remains defended by devices crafted long ago, forged by members of each race to thwart entry into the inner core. Those that wish to defeat the sphere must not only overcome these barriers, they must conquer the mistrust which has flourished during the long period of separation. Human, elf, dwarf, algor and delver must reunite to face the secrets of the ages that once undone will change their lives forever.

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