Scarlet Pdf

Scarlet Pdf

Scarlet Pdf by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet Pdf by Marissa Meyer

About the Book:

Scarlet Book

Author:                        Marissa Meyer

Publisher:                    Square Fish; Reprint edition

Publish date:               February 4, 2014

ISBN-10:                      1250007216

ISBN-13:                      978-1250007216

Pages:                          512 (ebook pages can be different)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult, Romance, Science Fiction, dystopian


Scarlet is incredibly amazing and will fascinate you completely. The characters will find a way into your heart, and surely make you care about them and their story. Each has a exclusive personality and role to play and it’s amusing to see them start meeting each other and interacting. Usually I get very irritated when authors frequently change viewpoints, but Meyer does it very efficiently and in such a way that the book is paced perfectly.

Meyer also does a prodigious job of making the world setting and its problems realistic. Plague, armies, war, political conspiracies, and secrets make the atmosphere fascinating.

But most of all, I love how we are getting more and more details. Everything is lashing together, secrets are being discovered, and the volatile conflict is getting closer. Scarlet was well worth the wait.

If you have not read Cinder you need to go and read that. If the words sci-fi Cinderella retelling don’t make you want to read it perhaps my review will. Either way if you have not read Cinder I am cautioning you that this review will cover spoilers for Cinder, not for Scarlet just for Cinder.

Scarlet was just as good as Cinder. Most of the time second books have a habit of to drag and not be closely as good as the first book. But Scarlet does not fall into that con. Possibly it is the introduction of a new POV or perhaps it is the added cast of characters, but Scarlet succeeds to stay fresh where others fail.

Just in case, you could not figure it out, scarlet is a restating of Little Red Riding Hood. A retelling that will leave you wondering with how different it is from the source material. It happens in the same world as Cinder just in a different country. Scarlet is just as spirited as Cinder but they are different. She is less anxious and even more kick-ass if you can believe it. If you fell in love with Cinder then you will surely like Scarlet. There are also some other new characters such as Wolf who is not all he looks, and Thorne who I thought was going to be bothersome but I really liked getting to know.

The dual stories of Scarlet and Wolf looking for her grandmother and Cinder trying to escape Queen Levana may look like they would not come together but they fall in place perfectly and are expressed through alternating chapters interposed with chapters about Kai.

Ultimately if you liked Cinder, get ready for even more amusement in Scarlet. Eagerly waiting for the next release Cress. I am pretty excited to see how it will all turn out in the next book.

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