Search Algorithms And Applications Pdf

Search Algorithms And Applications Pdf

Search Algorithms And Applications Pdf

Search Algorithms And Applications Pdf

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Search Algorithms And Applications book

Author:                       Nashat Mansour

Publisher:                 IN-TECH

Publish date:               April 26, 2011

ISBN-10:                      N/A

ISBN-13:                     9789533071565

Pages:                          504 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Data structures and Algorithums


Search algorithms aim to come up solutions or objects with fixed properties and constraints in a large solution search space or among a collection of objects.A resolution can be a set of value assignments to variables that will fulfill the constraints or a sub-structure of a given discrete structure.In summation, there are search algorithms, mostly probabilistic, that are designed for the prospective quantum computer. Searching algorithms, and how to search is explained in this volume. Search is one of the most commonly used problem solving approach in artificial intelligence and search methods are gaining attention with the upturn in undertakings related to modeling complex systems For most practical applications implicate objective functions which cannot be articulated in categorical mathematical forms and their derivatives cannot be easily computed, a more dependable choice for these applications may be the direct search methods. This volume shows the broad applicability of search algorithms for the use of producing useful and practical solutions to problems that come up with an assortment of problem areas.Although it is targeted to a broad group of readers: researchers, grad students, and practitioners, it does not provide an exhaustive coverage of search algorithms and applications.The chapters are organized into three parts: Population-based and quantum search algorithms, Search algorithms for image and video processing, and Search algorithms for technology applications.I recommend this book to all those who are passionate to turn pro in algorithms.

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