Selection Die Elite Pdf

Selection Die Elite Pdf

Selection Die Elite Pdf

Selection Die Elite Pdf

About the book:

Selection Die Elite book

Author:                      Kiera Cass, Susann Friedrich

Publisher:                   FISCHER Sauerländer; Auflage: 3

Publish date:               February 17, 2014

ISBN-10:                      3737362424

ISBN-13:                     9783737362429

Pages:                          145 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


Competition among girls continues, the selection is reduced to only six candidates and America is still on top of the list in the heart of Prince Maxon. At least that’s what one believes as soon it appears that the young man is tired of waiting after elected, which requires time, always time. She lacks confidence in her and Maxon, she does not know where to turn when she revises Aspen, it does not facilitate his development becomes just as sugar, honey and everything is as perfect love bashful.

Also, when Maxon dare show a hint of interest or of affection further towards another candidate, America sees red and behaves like a gourd, multiplying pranks and whims. Otherwise, we finally discover the true face of the Kingdom of Illéa, through the newspaper of its creator. America was aware of this newspaper, read excerpts and discovered the truth. The result is even more out of whack and tried to make a decision that may well deliver us a heart beat!

Add the repeated attacks of the enemy, the pressure of the competition and trials (nigaudes) the undisguised hatred of the king himself, false friendships, the updated secret tenderness splinters, never the good truths ie, the urge to slam the door and make the revolution … Fortunately the action wriggles in the bilge, if this second volume would be abusing it: for very focused on romance and its round emotions (and hesitations). Mood swings and changes in attitude of each other make indeed complicated set, tiresome and painful.

For cons, the novel is always read as fast, the general atmosphere is attractive and forward to hearing the outcome is inevitably very large! We should just stop this ballet detuned hearts, in the long one understands nothing more!!! America takes your choice!

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