Shadow Wave CHERUB Pdf

Shadow Wave CHERUB Pdf

Shadow Wave CHERUB Pdf

Shadow Wave CHERUB Pdf

About the book:

Shadow Wave CHERUB book

Author:                        Robert Muchamore

Publisher:                    Hodder & Stoughton

Publish date:               May 1, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0340999748

ISBN-13:                      9780340999745

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Children’s, Thriller, Spy novel


James is 17 now and it’s only a matter of time before he steps down as a CHERUB agent. This book undertakes a somewhat different set-up to the preceding ones which typically start off with a training exercise and then go onto the key assignment. Shadow wave can generally be fragmented into 3 parts. The first 3rd kicks off with James winding up his erstwhile mission with the Brigands Motorcycle Club before returning to the CHERUB campus. Many former characters comes around for a reconsolidation of sorts and James hears about from his amigo, Kyle, that the last assignment he is set to go on isn’t quite what it seems. This bring about a fairly long flashback section in the middle of the book – of an erstwhile mission of Kyle’s – that sets up the rest of the book.

The main thing I observed about this book was that most of it wasn’t revolved around James. There’s plenty of prodigious characters in these books so it was good to see sections from some other characters perspective. There were some I would have enjoyed to have seen more of but I think there’s only so much you can offer in 1 book! I’d have really liked to have learnt more about the impressive lengthy assignment that Dante was on. It keeps being talked about all through this book and the prior one; it’d be amazing to actually read it though.

There was also a nous of melancholy about Shadow Wave, not only James feeling it because he would be leaving campus momentarily but for the reader as well. James was about 12-years-old when the series started so it feels like we’ve seen him taking shape during the course of the books. I enjoyed how the writer concluded the book (and the series). It was just the exact sum of happy tackiness without going overboard.
This book was one of my favorites from the series, but not equal to the 1st book. The 1st book was when he 1st got recruited, that was a phenomenal book called ‘ The Recruit ‘ This book harked me back of many of the other cherub books and it wasn’t the same as the other books.
The author wrote this book in an impressive style, which makes it hard for you to put the book down. Overall Another great book by Robert Muchamore.

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