Skeleton Key Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Skeleton Key Pdf

Skeleton Key Pdf

Skeleton Key Pdf

About the book:

Skeleton Key book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Publisher:                    Puffin

Publish date:               February 16, 2006

ISBN-10:                      0142406147, 0142401021

ISBN-13:                      9780142406144

Pages:                          352 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                      Adventure, Spy novel, Mystery



Do secret agent books and James Bond interest you? This book has the whole thing! All the secret agent treats come in this Alex Rider excursion. Bangs and gun fires are everywhere in this book. There’s also a slight clandestine in this action-packed book.
In the Skeleton Key, Alex Rider is confined into another mission in Europe. Alex discovers a Chinese clique, the Triads. Alex is sent to an Island near Cuba as peril gets closer. The CIA must know what a Russian general is capable of. Alex Rider routs many enemies with his expedient and hidden gadgets.

I gave this book my appraisal because it has the most action out of all the books I have read. Also, the story is rather convincing. The 1st chapter hooked me into the book and made me think what was going to come about next. The 1st action scene truly caught my attention with the detail. The writer described all the actions of the characters, because it aids in visualizing the scene. The explosion metaphors were great.

The hero of this book is Alex Rider. Alex was always a decent person, even though his parents deceased. After his uncle passed away, he was a workhorse for the MI6, a secret government agency. He does not like speaking about his parents or passed calamities. Alex is outgoing and very gentle to others. Alex is exceptional because he is only a youngster, and he already works for the MI6 agency. Alex is undoubtedly a central character when he investigates the Chinese clique member at the U.S. Open. The only secondary central characters could be Alex’s fake parents, because they assist resolve parts of the secrecies throughout the book.

In one scene, Alex’s `parents’ are being detained for investigation. Alex was frightened, because he was dealing with real radicals with real guns. He summon up about his secret cell phone he got before he left for Skeleton Key. The phone had a built in stun gun. Alex stood up and walked behind the radical. Alex thumped the top of the phone onto the terrorist’s neck. A blue electric line appeared and stunned the terrorist. The radical fell to the floor. Alex’s `parents’ were astounded of what he did. They ran out of the room as quickly as possible.

As I said before, it has the whole thing. The Skeleton Key is crowded with mystery, action, and doubt. This book will grab your attention. It has everything in the preceding Alex Rider Journeys, and more! You will go on reading until you know what comes about at the end. The Skeleton Key is a flawless book for premature juveniles that just love action and exploration. You don’t want to miss this exceptional book.

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