Snakehead Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Snakehead Pdf

Snakehead Pdf Alex Rider

Snakehead Pdf Alex Rider

About the Book:

Snakehead Book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Publisher:                    Puffin; Reprint edition

Publish date:               September 4, 2008

ISBN-10:                      0142412120

ISBN-13:                      9781406305722, 9780142412121, 9781406309355

Pages:                          326 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Spy novel, thriller novel


This is the 7th book of this series. I enjoyed this series a lot. I liked that we didn’t know all the answers but we learned a little more in every book. Alex discovers more about his parents and we find out who killed Alex’s parents. This one was very good, and one of my favorites so far.

Alex basically falls out of the sky in a space capsule and lands in the waters of Australia. He discovers his next assignment will be finding a weapon that was stolen. Alex’s companion in the assignment is his godfather, Ash. The weapon they are seeking is called Royal Blue and it is a bomb.

Scorpia wants to use the bomb to kill 8 rich people who are gathering on an island near Australia. This group wants to attempt to end world poverty, and Scorpia wants to stop them with the bomb, but make it seem like an accident. Scorpia and their forerunner, Winston Yu want to blow up the bomb underwater which will grounds a tidal wave that could kill numerous people. Winston Yu is part of a clique called Snakehead.

Alex finds the explosive device on an oil rig and sees Yu entering his fingerprints into the device so only he can control it. But, after he leaves the room, Alex puts his fingerprints on the machine. Ash is apprehended, so Alex gives himself up.

Yu conveys Alex of his schemes. He doesn’t think Alex will escape with his life. Yu sends him to a hospital to reap Alex’s organs for transplantation. But, Alex ran away with a blowing up coin from Mr. Smithers. He and Ben, another M16 agent, go back to the oil rig where Yu and his subordinate are set to put the bomb in the water.

Will Yu succeeds in killing those 8 rich people? Will Alex be able to stop him? Will everything goes on as it seems from here or there will another twist waiting for the readers? To get all the answers you need to read the novel by yourself. I am sure that you will really enjoy it.
This book an excellent read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure. It is pretty much non-stop action from the beginning to the end. It is good for kids 14 years old and older because it does have some ferocity in it.

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