Steve Jobs Biography Pdf

Steve Jobs Biography Pdf

Steve Jobs Biography Pdf

Steve Jobs Biography Pdf

About the Book:

Steve Jobs Biography Book

Author:                        Walter Isaacson

Publisher:                    Simon & Schuster; 1 edition

Publish date:               October 24, 2011

ISBN-10:                      1451648537

ISBN-13:                      9781451648539

Pages:                          656 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Biography


It’s a rare instance when you come across a life changing book. ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson is just like that. Taking you through a journey full of lessons about innovation, character, morals and leadership. Highly inspiring in every way, it truly lets you examine one of the most amazing personality the world has ever seen. Outshined with unvarnished views from jobs, his coworkers, family, friends, acquaintances etc., proving the legitimacy of Jobs’ counting on the author’s ability of getting people talk is truly a remarkable wave.

The book began with his childhood portrayal; the several aspects of his existence responsible for developing his personality, starting with his knowledge of his being adopted which he professed as being abandoned by his original parents to his growing up in the actual birthplace of the computer revolution, ‘Silicon Valley’. His captivation with Hewlett-Packard, his being at the node of the geek and the hippie world known as the preacher of counterculture has all to do with the passions, sophistry, devilry, creativity, fascinations and desires being at the very core of this spirited personality which finally led to his distinctive approach towards business and the products he created. The book continues with the teaming up of two complementary personalities that is Jobs and Woznaik, which marked the astonishing pair of a vender and an engineer.

Jobs always had a complex approach towards wealth. His deep love for finely designed and crafted objects like Porsche and Mercedes cars, Henckels knives and Braun appliances, BWM motorcycles and Bosendorfer pianos etc. never imitated his abandoning of a lavish lifestyle, his vegan diet, his concern in buying furniture’s etc. Though with some deep reflection it’s observed that his attitude seem to knit together rather fracas.

Later facts about his getting expelled from his own creation, which led to the establishment of ‘NeXT’ which mostly remained idle in terms of getting potential customer continues. Jobs always said about staying at the ‘intersection of Humanities and Science’. Then, his toughest times are described as those which made him run dual companies concurrently i.e. ‘Apple’ and ‘Pixar’.

Jobs association with music led to iPod similarly every product of Apple mirrors his personality. His passion for commanding control, led to the end-to-end integration of the operating systems with its hardware distinct from the Google’s Android which was freely accessible for multiple hardware makers.

Towards the concluding stages of the book on being asked for his motives behind his biography written, he said that he wanted his children to know him as he hadn’t always been there for them, to understand the full picture behind his every action. Thus never wanted to know what was been written, quietly being committed to the point that there might be things he would not like. Without any intrusion he wanted the world to know him, accepting his every flaw and talent.

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