The 5th Wave Pdf

The 5th Wave Pdf

The 5th Wave Pdf

The 5th Wave Pdf

About the book:

The 5th Wave book

Author:                      Rick Yancey

Series: The 5th Wave (Book 1)

Publisher:                  Speak; Reissue edition

Publish date:               February 10, 2015

ISBN-10:                      0142425834

ISBN-13:                     978-0142425831

Pages:                          320 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction, Literature, Action, Adventure


I wondered why so many people were buying this book but now I understand! It’s intense, catchy, filled with action and horror (of war). The human race is doomed, plagued by an Ebola virus, humans fight each other and aliens build death camps to exterminate the human race. You doubt throughout the book that are good and which are bad. Diabolical! This book raises so many questions and also forces you to ask you about the choices you were wondering. What would you do in a world at war? Abandon your home, flee? Or stay as you are more comfortable in your territory? And in Exodus, in which would you trust? Would you look like your (strength in numbers) or would you stay away (less easy target)? Do what you would do to the enemy or do you choose to flee, leaving the ones you love, even live with the guilt? This also shows the techniques used by the Army to transform ordinary people into war machines, even with children. The drill of Reznik officer is ruthless, the daily humiliations he knows no limits. But is it that you can trust your command? The honor, pride, courage and revenge feelings are all used to indoctrinate young recruits. What confidence do you have in your command? And yet what makes you a human, with humanity? I loved the protagonists of the story. Cassie, smart, strong, courageous and determined to keep his promise to save his brother. Sammy, 5 years old, adorable and courageous, thrown into a world at war. Ben former football star of his school turned into pitiful boy, plagued by remorse of fleeing and sentenced her sister. It reinvents Zombie, war machine, to again see his certainties crumble. But my favorite is Evan. Torn between two worlds, he tries to redeem himself, to regain his humanity. As the two sides of a coin, it is calculating, efficient and cold but loving, protective, attentive. An internal war raging in Evan until he succumbed to love. Love Almighty who saves mankind. It’s extraordinary, brilliant, a must read!

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