The Arctic Incident Pdf (Artemis Fowl)

The Arctic Incident Pdf

The Arctic Incident Pdf

The Arctic Incident Pdf

About the Book:

The Arctic Incident Book

Author:                             Eoin Colfer

Series:                                Artemis Fowl (Book 2)

Publisher:                        Disney-Hyperion

Publish date:                 May 6, 2002

ISBN-10:                          0786808551

ISBN-13:                           9780786808557

Pages:                              277 eBook pages can be different

Language:                       English

Genres:                            Young adult, fantasy


If you want to be exhilarated and have an adrenalin gust, but unluckily you’ve been stranded for “something you didn’t do” and can’t use the TV to watch a Bond movie, perhaps you should pick up a book. I recommend you pick up Artemis Fowl, then for an extra adrenalin gust read Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
Juvenile criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is back with a whole new quest! His luck is slightly higher because in the past year he outfoxed the LEP recon – the lower elements Police recon, an exclusive team of fairies, elves, nymphs and other supernatural lower element folk. They are in authority for keeping Heaven City, the last place that man hasn’t coup, safe. Even with their ultramodern high-tech gear Artemis still outwitted them and got his hands on some fairy gold. Anyhow, this story starts out when Artemis gets sent to a boarding school, where he gets a crucial video e-mail from the Russian mafia. The screen shows a man Artemis never thought he’d ever see again… his father, Artemis Fowl senior. Artemis tote up that the Russian mafia abducted his father. Artemis is gritty to rescue his father, but it is not going to be an easy task. In the meantime, the LEP were having dilemmas of their own. Someone was providing trolls with soft nose lasers, which could be hazardous. So Artemis did an agreement with the LEP that if he assist them with their crunch against the trolls, they would help him rescue his father. Can Artemis help the LEP and rescue his father? You’ll just have to discover it by yourself.
I thought this book was amazing!!! It had all the elements of a great book: there was humor, loads of action, it was fascinating, a good plot, elves and other folk, romance (just kidding) and lots of high-tech gadgets. Reading this book was similar to that if you put a Bond movie, a fairy tale and a glove puppet in a mixer and turned it on and gulped it. It would take a decades to explain how astonishing it was. I hope Eoin Colfer decides to write a 3rd book for this series. I would give this book 5 and a half appreciation (which is just like 5 and a half stars).I would definitely recommend it to everyone and especially the Artemis Fowl fans.

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