The Bourne Identity Pdf

The Bourne Identity Pdf

The Bourne Identity Pdf

The Bourne Identity Pdf

About the book:

The Bourne Identity book

Author:                        Robert Ludlum

Publisher:                    Bantam

Publish date:               February 1, 1984

ISBN-10:                      0553260111

ISBN-13:                      9780553260113

Pages:                          544 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Spy, Thriller


I bought “The Bourne identity” mostly because I didn’t want to miss the chance of reading Ludlum’s book before the release of a movie based on the book. I really wasn’t an aficionado of the writer, but I loved this book.
At the outset, the plot is remarkably great. “The Bourne identity” is the story of a man without a past, rescued from the Mediterranean Sea by some fishermen. He is very sick, and his body has endured the impact of many gunshots. The man is taken to a doctor by the fishermen in a neighboring isle, who aids him to get better physically and mentally. Our hero doesn’t think of who he is, but with the support of the doctor he figures out some intimations he doesn’t like too much. He only knows some things certainly, for example that his face has been transformed by plastic surgery, that he discerns greatly about weapons and that he carried on him a microfilm that holds the cypher to an account of 4 million dollars.

In the Swiss bank where the account is, he also finds a name: Jason Bourne. But is he Jason Bourne? He couldn’t dredge up, and if it were for a small number of people, he won’t. From the instant he left the island straight on, our protagonist without a past was stalked, and attacked. He doesn’t know why, but he act in response to stay alive. Addition to this fascinating blend, he takes a woman as a hostage, Marie, a number of assassins and the chance that he is, in point of fact, also an assassin, and you will comprehend why this book is so great. The leading character will be stalked during the course of the book not only by the “bad folks”, but also by the “good” ones. You won’t be able to put this book down, and you will find yourself asking question to yourself in particular “who is this guy?” and “what started this whole mess”?

On the whole, I highly recommend this book to everyone and especially to those who loves to read a thriller, and to those who don’t usually ardent to thrillers but just to get a new taste. I belong to the last category, as I just read this book because I was interested to watch the movie based on this story.

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