The Child Called It Pdf

The Child Called It Pdf

The Child Called It

The Child Called It

About the Book:

A Child Called It: One Child’s Courage to Survive

Author:                        Dave Pelzer

Publisher:                    HCI; Reissue edition

Publish date:               September 1, 1995

ISBN-10:                      1558743669

ISBN-13:                      9781558743663

Pages:                          184 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Sociology, Abuse


Besides being outrageously beaten, Dave was forced to eat his own vomit, swallow soap, ammonia, and Clorox. This was just the beginning of his mother’s “playoffs.” Dave’s infantile wasn’t always a nightmare. There were the happy times in the beginning and Dave devotes a part describing the feelings of warmth and care provided by his mother. By the age of four (4) these feelings were swapped with fear, starvation and lowliness.
“I” statements are used frequently in A Child Called “It” as Dave realizes the power he felt when he mired his mother from burning him on the oven and “won.” Trying to find food, making plans, and succeeding with the reward of eating frozen dinners from his family’s deep freeze, Dave was proud of his endeavors and used the statement, “I was the king.” This goes to show the level of desertion he suffered to consider frozen dinners to be a reward and hiding in the family’s garage to eat them up. These are less than kingly accommodations.
A Child Called “It” doesn’t leave the reader unfilled as we know that the child endured this abuse. We begin with the salvage and then are led through the happy times, and then into the abuse.
The book is written from a child’s perspective. It is eye-opening to see how Dave perceived the behavior of his mother, as she didn’t treat Dave’s other brothers this way, and how the abuse wedged his self-worth. Yet, Dave still had this incredible will to not only persist, but to rise above it all.
Dave Pelzer entered foster care at the age of twelve due to the severe abuse he suffered at the hand of his alcoholic mother. The abuse became so awful that she actually started mentioning to Dave as “The Boy,” instead of a kid, her son, or Dave. At the age of 18 Dave aged out of the foster care and joined the U.S. Air Force.
Dave has won many awards and personal praises from Presidents Clinton, Reagan and George W. Bush. In 1993, Dave was privileged as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Americans. In 1994, he became one of the only United State’s citizens to be awarded as the Outstanding Young Persons of the World, for his struggles in educating about child abuse and its prevention. Dave is also the author of The Lost Boy, The Privilege of Youth, Help Yourself, A Man Named Dave and Help Yourself for Teens.
Today Dave is a husband and a father and lives in Rancho Mirage, California.
Once you read this you will love it, it’s marvelous and very thought-provoking. You will get annoyed in the middle of the book but at the end you will be satisfied and happy!!!

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