The Count of Monte Cristo pdf download

The Count of Monte Cristo pdf download

The Count of Monte Cristo pdf download

The Count of Monte Cristo pdf download

About the book:

The Count of Monte Cristo pdf download

Author:                                Alexandre Dumas, père

Publisher:                            Wordsworth Editions Ltd

Publish date:                      April 1, 1998

ISBN-10:                               1853267333

ISBN-13:                               978-1853267338

Pages:                                   928

Language:                           English

Genres:                                Adventure, Fiction and Literature, Audiobook




A prototypal enterprise novel, regularly acknowledged Dumas’ best work, and much of the time incorporated on records of the best books ever. Finished in 1844, and discharged as a 18-part arrangement throughout the following two years, Dumas worked together with different creators all around. The story happens in France, Italy, and the Mediterranean from the closure of the guideline of Napoleon I through the rule of Louis-Philippe.

With an Introduction and Notes by Keith Wren, University of Kent at Canterbury The story of Edmund Dantes, so called Count of Monte Cristo, is told with perfect ability. The casualty of an unsuccessful labor of equity, Dantes is terminated by a craving for reprisal and engaged by a stroke of provision. In his crusade of retaliation, he turns into an unnamed executor of destiny. The electrifying story of interest, disloyalty, break, and triumphant vengeance moves at a splitting pace. Dumas’ novel displays a capable clash between exceptional and malevolence encapsulated in an epic adventure of rich assorted qualities that is entangled by the brave person’s extreme uneasiness with the hubristic suggestion of his own activities.

You won’t have the capacity to put the book down, or when you do, you’ll move zombielike through your ordinary assignments while your psyche stays with the enterprises of Edmund Dantes.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a heavenly book, brimming with interest, incredible battle scenes, adoration, enthusiasm, and witty social parody. Dumas has a brilliant handle of liberated intelligence and an ability for rendering all the habits of man in delightful, smart writing. I instantly distinguished individuals that I know (yes, even myself) in his vivid characters, which made the book all the all the more captivating to me.

Some individuals could be put off by the extent of the book – its a really heavy volume – an enticed to purchase the compressed form. Don’t! I’ve gotten notification from individuals who’ve perused both forms that the shortened form is a terrible, washed out shadow of the full novel. At any rate, as thick and unthinkably long as The Count of Monte Cristo may appear when you open it despite any precedent to the contrary, you’ll feel just as its dreadfully short when you get to the last page.

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