The Cursed Pdf

The Cursed Pdf

The Cursed Pdf

The Cursed Pdf

About the book:

The Cursed Book

Author: Laura Thalassa

Series: The Unearthly

Publisher: Lavabrook Publishing Group

Publish date: (June 12, 2014)

ISBN-10: 1942662076

ISBN-13: 978-1942662075

Pages: 342 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fantasy Fiction


***Due to language, violence, and sexual situations, this book is recommended for mature audiences.*** It’s been two months. Two months since Gabrielle survived the horror that was Samhain. Two months since she slipped from the devil’s clutches. Two months since she learned that she might have to face him again. Her nights are plagued by dreams of him, and she wakes to find that she’s creeping closer to that unholy reunion. So when a ritualistic murder occurs on a ley line in Romania and Gabrielle is called in to investigate, it seems like a harbinger of things to come. Angelic victims, a killer that smells like ash and roses, and wounds that speak of pagan sacraments—it should be enough evidence for Gabrielle to solve the case and get back to her winter break. But the clues keep slipping through her fingers; someone is always one step ahead. In the same city, Andre De Leon, king of the vampires, stands trial for the massacre at Bishopcourt, and his coven’s justice system is infamous for its cruelty. Up until now he’s been able to shield Gabrielle from their brutality, but her nearness makes her vulnerable to their wrath, and they will use her to get to Andre. A killer, a vampire trial, the devil—all in the same city. It’s too coincidental, which is to say that it is not a coincidence at all. Fate has betrayed her.

The Cursed Pdf

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