The Dark Tower: Song of Susannah pdf

Song of Susannah pdf

Song of Susannah pdf

Song of Susannah pdf

About the Book:

Song of Susannah Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Pocket Books

Publish date:               May 23, 2006

ISBN-10:                      1416521496

ISBN-13:                      9781416521495

Pages:                          560 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror


If you thought that the preceding 5 Dark Tower books were partings for King, just wait until you read this one. At some point around the 11th Stanza (“The Writer”), “Song of Susannah” is, like the song says, guaranteed to blow your mind.
Picking up right where “Wolves of the Calla” left off, our protagonists Roland, Eddie, Jake, and the relative newcomer Father Callahan prepare for yet another break out of Roland’s world and into ours. Right off the bat, though, things do not go fairly as planned. A Beam quake shakes the grounds of all the worlds, and we learn that the Tower is in much greater danger than we may have formerly suspected. And as always, wherever Roland goes, gunslinger is sure to follow, but this time, it’s waiting for him…
King’s further explorations into the rich world of the Dark Tower are as satisfying as they ever were. The characters, by now, have become as comfortable as old friends. Still, there are new aspects to be seen yet, and we get a closer look at each of them as the story goes on.
One thing is sure: love it or hate it, “Song of Susannah” is King’s perilous and most astonishing work yet. One the one hand, he is taking one of the most clichéd plot elements in fiction — the baby of tentative parentage — and making something innovative and fascinating out of it. On the other, he is endeavoring something seen in modern fiction only once in a blue moon… a self-reflexive work that engrosses the reader on multiple levels. By the end of “Song of Susannah” you may find yourself thinking about the veracities that fiction creates, and the fictions that “real” life presents us with every day. And if you do, I believe that is only the point. King seems to be casting not only toward a conclusion to Roland’s quest, but also toward a deeply personal statement about what it is to be an author. It is an aspiring road to travel, but so far, King has not let us down. In fact, what he has begun with this book has the potential to surpass all the expectations I had for it.
The last pages of “Song of Susannah” should leave many readers, as it left me, strongly starving for the final book in the series. What lies in wait on the final page is, to say the least, quite a surprise. It leaves the doom of Roland and his companions, as well as that of the Tower itself, enshrouded in doubt.
“One more turn of the route, and then we reach the glade.”
I, for one, can’t wait to get there.

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