The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass Pdf

Wizard and Glass Pdf

Wizard and Glass Pdf

Wizard and Glass Pdf

About the Book:

Wizard and Glass Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet; Revised edition

Publish date:               October 7, 2003

ISBN-10:                      0451210875

ISBN-13:                      9780451210876

Pages:                          752 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror


When I first was recommended the Dark Tower I was in high school. This was the most recent book. When I got to its conclusion I craved more. There was no more to be had.

You could almost read this standalone if you skip the parts at the beginning and end as most of it is a recollection. I was surprised when I read some people consider this the worst book in the series. I consider it the best, beyond a doubt.

Perhaps it’s because of when I read it. Or how many times. Actually this is the first time I’ve read it since the final 3 books came out. I had started it a few times since, but never got around to finish it.

This book was a staple of my end table in the living room. It mainly became a platform for my remote controls. When I moved into my house in 2009 it got boxed up separately from my other books and beside with my living room things, and ended right back up on my end table.

I finally put it back on the ledge sometime last year, but it still feels strange to not see it there. I worried this book wouldn’t stand up to my teen-aged ideas of what is good. I had no reason to worry. I love this book just as much now as I did then.

The Waste Lands leaves off on one hell of a cliffhanger. The vilest by far of any of the books. I feel bad for anyone who had to wait for this book. This book wraps that up in pretty short order. The major part of this book is a recollection of Roland’s childhood. It picks up right where things left off in The Gunslinger. The stories of Roland’s childhood captivate me. Possibly because the world was still in the primary parts of “Moving On”. Maybe it’s because Roland’s so young and hasn’t experienced all the trials and troubles to come. Maybe it’s because in certain ways I like his Unique Ka-tet better than his existing one. Or at least Cuthbert. I could read a whole spin-off about Cuthbert Allgood. This book has certainly the best action orders in the entire series, including this remarkable stand-off with a competing ka-tet. By the last week or so I didn’t want to stop heeding. I started bring the book in the house with me and finding reasons to listen to it, including in the morning while I was getting ready for work. I could possibly turn around and start listening to it again, but I have to remain on my journey towards the Dark Tower with Wolves of the Calla. I’ve probably puffed it up to an ideal it can’t live up to, but it should come close.

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