The Death Cure Pdf

The Death Cure Pdf

The Death Cure Pdf

The Death Cure Pdf

About the book:

The Death Cure Book

Author:                        James Dashner

Publisher:                    Delacorte Press

Publish date:               January 8, 2013

ISBN-10:                      0385738781

ISBN-13:                      978-0385738781

Pages:                          352 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        young-adult, dystopia, science fiction


The Death Cure symbols the end of The Maze Runner trilogy, or so we supposed. At the end of The Scorch Trials, Thomas and his some fellow Gladers survived the second set of tests executed by WICKED (World in Catastrophe Kill zone Experimentation Department) including Teresa. From the original sixty Gladers in The Maze Runner, only a few left at the start of The Death Cure after being forced through number of deadly tests . But two new companions were introduced to the roster: Jorge and Brenda. Both are cranks who assisted the Gladers to survive The Scorch Trials.

As The Death Cure begins, WICKED transports the Gladers back to base and tell them that the trials are over and that their memories are programmed to be returned. Having their memories back will answer all of their questions.  WICKED’s initial clarification for the pain the Gladers had suffered and the harm they had borne is simply that it was all needed steps taken to find a remedy for the Flare, the disease accidentally released by the government’s bio-warfare department which effects on people mind and turns people into flesh-eating cranks. By placing Thomas and his friends through a series of deadly tests, WICKED was able to find out the ‘kill zone’ – the human brain where the Flare does its damage. The outcomes from studying the Gladers’ minds under pressure would provide the world with a remedy.

Thomas already had some memories returned and they are not good. He knows that he and Teresa did some part in the creation of the trials, due to this reason Thomas does not want to restore the rest of his memories. He does not want WICKED to mess with his head anymore. He can’t trust them. Because Once, Teresa and Aris deceived him in The Scorch Trials because of WICKED, they caused his best friend, Chuck, to die painfully, and Jorge and Brenda were not even cranks, but tactically placed ‘variables’ in the scorch. Nothing is ever what it seems to be with WICKED.

This series is a great read. It’s a charming and highly imaginative tale which is, honestly, impossible to put down. As with the previous two books, The Death Cure was yet another addiction that my fingers could not drop. I ripped through it in a day. And it had its moments. Two more Gladers bite the big one, but by now the reader has established a deep attachment to the remaining Gladers and so the loss is more emotive.  There are also the moments that will cheer you up, and I really did a lot of hooting and shouting during my read. Have you read the previous two books? If so, get ready to become a big fan of this book!

The wisdom of The Death Cure sparkles with the author’s choice of the final battlefield. If you’re a Maze Runner fan who has not yet read this book, you will be delighted to know that the lasting Gladers come full circle, and finish their fight back in the original Glade with its aware stone-walled maze. Better yet, the frightening grievers make a startling arrival in the final battle.

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