The Demigod Diaries Pdf

The Demigod Diaries Pdf

The Demigod Diaries Pdf The Heroes of Olympus

The Demigod Diaries Pdf The Heroes of Olympus

About the book:

The Demigod Diaries Book

Author:                                Rick Riordan

Publish Date:                     February 28, 2012

Publisher:                            Disney-Hyperion; First Edition edition

ISBN-10:                               1423163001

ISBN-13:                               9781423163008

Language:                           English

Book Pages:                       256 (eBook pages can be different)

Genre:                                 Young adult, Fantasy, Short Story Collection, Greek Mythology


The first story in THE DEMIGOD DIARIES examines young Luke’s childhood and backstory of his exploits with Thalia and Anna Beth before. Well, you know, everything went wrong. You might be astounded that when confronted with unbearable situations, Luke’s ultimate disloyalty is not too far-fetched.

THE DEMIGOD DIARIES also comprises of short stories that feature Percy Jackson and Leo, Piper and Jason from The Heroes of Olympus books. In the first story, Percy has to find Hermes’ missing staff, made up from snakes George and Martha. The story takes place shortly after Percy and Anna Beth start dating and shows how frequently the demigods save the day from the calamities of the gods. In the second story, readers finally get to see Leo’s Bunker 9. Leo, Piper and Jason must save the day from total destruction.

Rick Riordan started writing the Percy books for his son, Haley, as a way to keep him involved in reading. Haley wrote the last short story in the book, entitled “Son of Magic,” and describes the roots of the Mist and also looks at the many demigods that were on the losing end of the battle in THE LAST OLYMPIAN. Certainly, there are monsters involved and some wicked fights.

You might pick up this book for the short stories, but stay for all the surplus bonus features. There are full-color pictures of your favorite characters, including, for the first time, the character of Thalia. There is also a full illustration of Bunker 9 as well as many other sketches and depictions from the stories.
This is the perfect example of a book you cannot stop reading. I read the whole book in less than five hours and I loved it. The diaries of Luke castellam was just what I wanted. I always sought to know how Luke and Thalia met Anna Beth and I finally found it. Percy and the staff of Hermes was the perfect Percy/Anna Beth story. I felt like Rick was trying to refashion the Percy adventures but fell slightly short, but I still loved it! Leo Valdez and the search for Buford was amazing. I loved the element that the group of demigods was the same and Leo was so witty. And last but not least, the son of magic! The writing debut of Rick’s son Haley! It answered so many questions that many readers would have after reading the entire series. It also made me think otherwise about the demigods everyone knows and loves from the original series. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, I just realize the demigods who fought for kronos more. Inclusively, I think this was the perfect book to keep anyone happy and satisfied.

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