The Diary of a Young Girl pdf

The Diary of a Young Girl pdf

The Diary of a Young Girl pdf


About the book:

The Diary of a Young Girl book

Author:                        Anne Frank

Publisher:                    Bantam; Reprint edition

Publish date:               June 1, 1993

ISBN:                      9780553296983

ASIN:                            0553296981

Pages:                          304 pages

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Autobiography



For her 13th birthday the German-born Anne Frank received a diary which she named Kitty. Just a month later after her birthday, her elder sister, Margot, at the time just 16 years old, was baptized. For a while Otto Frank, Anne’s father, had been arranging a hiding place for his family in a portion of his business warehouse. With Margot’s letter, the family left within 24 hours, dispersing everything about and leaving a note with an address in Maastricht to get rid of officials. The family, Anne’s parents and her sister, shared the secret hiding place with acquaintances and business partners, the Van Daan’s, as Anne calls them though,their real name was Van Pels, and the duo’s 16 year-old son Peter. Few months later a dentist, Mr. Pfeiffer, joined the group and actually shared a room with Anne. Anne writes of the twenty-five month sin hiding before being discovered in August 1944. Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen in early 1945, just months earlier the camp’s liberation.

Anne is an unbelievable writer. She uses conversation to define stories, including body positions, voice tone, etc. just like a real novel. She is also deeply thoughtful. She had intuition and wisdom beyond her years.

I feel she may have gone to her diary mostly when she was sad (there are numerous very desolate entries) and a few times when she was over the moon (as in when she got her first kiss). She fluctuates often between opinions like I hate my mother, I love my mother and I am hopeful, I am hopeless. I can transmit to her variability. She tells comical stories relating the events and qualms of the secret annex — especially amusing is Mrs. Van Daan. Anne’s consideration to detail is so helpful in understanding the situation of those in hiding. It makes me want to do well in keeping my own personal history. Each character is described so well and retains his or her character, in a way type-cast in explicit way. It would be interesting to see how those 25 months passed from everyone else’s viewpoint.

We all would sought after to see Ann Frank and thousands of others like her live. No one, especially an innocent girl should be treated so mercilessly without the least speck of mercy or courtesy. The satire is that her seemingly worthless death among millions is what gave her life meaning, and allowed her story to be told to the world. This book is a prompt that love and kindness survives the vilest lack of humanity. It is a proof to the human spirit.This book is so well written it is mesmerizing and entertaining and wise.

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