General CHERUB Pdf

The General CHERUB Pdf

The General CHERUB Pdf

The General CHERUB Pdf

About the book:

The General CHERUB book

Author:                        Robert Muchamore

Publisher:                   Hodder & Stoughton; CHERUB #10 edition

Publish date:               September 4, 2008

ISBN-10:                      0340931841

ISBN-13:                      9780340931844

Pages:                          352 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Children’s, Thriller, Spy novel


The General was about James Adams and his younger sister Lauren, and a group of other CHERUB agents, which are designated to do a training exercise with (against) the US Armed forces at a pristine compound designed to act out urban warfare. The compound mainly bears a resemblance of a city and citizens are paid to come and sojourn for a week to put on civilians in war. Though this looks like very severe matter, the actuality is, the training is a game of war with intricate paintball guns that take you out from the game for twenty-four hours. But, while the US Army is assuming the drill to be informal and monotonous, the general for the divergent side has another notion and a ploy that he needs to win. The book is enjoyable to read and really gratifying while also very intriguing. Robert Muchamore is a complete prodigy for a number of things. The 1st one is the “break” he counted in the series. It doesn’t happen in many series and it becomes exhausting to read. The 2nd is the fact that with spy kids, the whole series can accelerate out of proportion and become extremely cheesy.

The 3rd, is the aptitude Muchamore has to reel on the brink of reality with his book ideas. Making them thrilling but still with convincing plots. What the book openly shows, is that the protagonist James, is sixteen and a half years old and almost finished his CHERUB career. He achieves this by after being left out from the training for his own welfare, go to Las Vegas and assists his general win at the tables, by card counting. A skill that is used in blackjack to keep record of your chances of winning a hand. James is a brilliant math student and the calculation develops naturally. And after being exposed, he makes a fine escape to clinch the thrilling ending of the book. Although there is to be one more book that will be James’ last appearance as a CHERUB agent. Robert is, to my aversion, scheduling the series to substitute with Lauren. I’m certain James will still be there in some of them as a MI6 agent or something but the series won’t be the same. I’m eagerly waiting for the next book and hoping that it exude James with a boom.

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