The Great Gatsby Pdf

The Great Gatsby Pdf

the great gatsby

the great gatsby

About the book:

The Great Gatsby Book
Authors:                            F Scott Fitzgerald

Publisher                          Scribner’s

ISBN:                                  0743273567

ISBN-13:                           9780743273565


The great Gatsby is a masterpiece of literature at its utmost potent, was written by an American author F.Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. The novel was first published by Scribner’s with dust jacket in 1922 and was illustrated by Francis cugat. This literary classic was a contender of the ” Great American Novel “.

It lies on a number of individuals who live in the long island which is a prosperous ( fictional ) content of the west egg. The prime concentration of the story is stared on a young man named jay Gatsby who is deeply in love with a woman named daisy Buchanan.

The novel is highly authentic but all the incidents take place in a fictional town where our narrator nick caraway comes to live. Nick takes a job in New York as a salesman and rents a house on long island in a town. Nick , a young man from the Midwest, a veteran of world war 1. The house rented by nick occurs to be collateral to a big mansion which belongs to a young millionaire , jay Gatsby , who throws a lot of parties. More and more fortunately for Gatsby , caraway turns out to be a cousin of daisy , Gatsby’s long adored and lost love.

Gatsby asks nick to invite daisy on a dinner to his house ; without telling her about Gatsby’s presence , both meet and get involved in a affair. Gatsby stares at daisy with keen and pure affection and causes tom (daisies’ husband) to fall in suspicion against her wife .After awhile tom finds out about the fidelity of his wife. And Gatsby tells tom that daisy loves me not you, daisy agrees at first but after listening to sentences of nostalgia from toms mouth , she gets confused. She confesses awkwardly that she loves them both.

Well I can’t tell you all of it , I am not the narrator , you would love it in the narration of nick caraway and in the splendid wording of Fitzgerald. Have fun reading it.

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