The Hundred-Foot Journey Pdf

The Hundred-Foot Journey Pdf

The Hundred-Foot Journey Pdf

The Hundred-Foot Journey Pdf

About the Book:

The Hundred-Foot Journey Book

Author:                        Richard C. Morais

Publisher:                    Scribner; Reprint edition

Publish date:               August 9, 2011

ISBN-10:                      1439165653

ISBN-13:                      9781439165653


Pages:                          272 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Literature & Fiction


Through the highly artistic and fascinating describing of the life story of the novel’s main character, Hassan Haji, Richard Morais has given us an enduring, enchanted story that from the first page lovingly and romantically embraces the reader around the unfolding of a universal theme. That theme is Hassan’s relentless, heroic chase of his destiny, overcoming some very heavy odds. Quite a journey – his ancestries were those of a pre-WWII Indian family of poor Muslim subsistence farmers. His journey crowned many decades later when the restaurant he opened in rural France achieved the recognition and honor of earning 3 Stars. We are given a front row seat to his course of both life-discovery, and of his own self-discovery, emergence and manifestation as a very wise and compete person and a leading chef.

In telling Hassan’s story, Morais knits us through several continents, countries, captivating cultures and characters and memorable cuisine. The legitimacy, graphic description and feel of Hassan’s experiences speaks to the many years of expatriate living of the author. As Hassan’s life story unfolds, and because Morais outshines at communicating experiences, we get to nearly smell and taste the emergence of his creativity as a chef. The author’s obvious love of food is keenly sprinkled, chopped and poured throughout.

Among the many things Hassan’s journey reveals, one that stands out to me is how he eventually succeeds in achieving his destiny and simultaneously learns the importance of trusting and believing in himself and his skills.

This is one of those books you know you are going to love from the beginning. The author, Richard Morais, wrote for Forbes for ages and combines a great fictional story, full of profound characters, with the thorough observations typical of magazine reporters. I was particularly mesmerized with how the language could go from flowery and beautiful to dirty and raw in a single sentence without losing balance. Morais’ skill to capture the essence of places and peoples is absolutely fascinating with such graphic and auditory portrayals that I remember more of a movie than a book. This cinematic quality is not surprising since the intent was to have his friend, Ismail Merchant (of the Merchant-Ivory producing team), develop the plot into a film. Unfortunately, the producer passed away unexpectedly before the manuscript was complete.

This exploration of family, personal growth and professional associations, all wrapped in the development of various food movements is a must read for anyone who likes to travel, cook, and explore new foods. I highly recommend The Hundred-Foot Journey.

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