The Hunger Games Pdf

The Hunger Games Pdf

The Hunger Games Pdf

The Hunger Games Pdf

About the Book:

The Hunger Games Book

Author:                        Suzanne Collins

Publisher:                    Scholastic Press; Reprint edition

Publish date:               July 3, 2010

ISBN-10:                      0439023521

ISBN-13:                      9780439023528

ASIN:                            0439023521

Pages:                          384 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Dystopian, Science fiction, Action


Suzanne Collins has created an amazing book and a very realistic world that you find yourself draw into with every chapter. As a piece of literature, I think it is well-written. It is deep, thrilling and fascinating. However, it is also very fierce, irrelevantly so in some cases, explicit, and disturbing. The whole idea of the novel is offensive children hunting down children for the entertainment of the rich. Does anyone not understand how this could happen? How we have done things similar in the past? We are such a television nation, reveling in our love of reality TV. Is this actually that big of a step? So I had concern with the book when I first started, based on my doubts about the idea. Though, the first two books, while vicious and explicit, fascinated me. I liked Katniss. I thought she made a decent role model for teenagers. The action was exciting and I honestly couldn’t put the books down. After reading the third book, my entire view changed. The first half of the book was tedious, and Katniss turned into a noisy wimp. I was very upset. But then the last hundred pages or so transformed into something like a graphic video game. Everyone was being dreadfully murdered, by both insurgents and Peacekeepers equally. Then it looked to cross a line and it became too explicit, too fierce, too disgusting, too upsetting. There was one scene in particular, in front of the President’s Mansion that entirely turned me against the book. For all those who have read it, you must know what I’m talking about. Hundreds of children killed for nothing. And what was the point behind that? There was none. The book ending brought no improvement, no real triumph. It was simply massacre. My actual problem with the book is that the target audience is seemingly 12-year-olds, however the main character is 16. The book is retailed at middle school book fairs and is listed on their recommended reading. When did it become acceptable to encourage this kind of violence to young people? There is no liberating theme to this book. Sure, it addresses main issues, but those issues are not resolved completely. In the end, the good people are as bad as the wicked President and his Capitol residents. I believe that this book put forth a message that good people really don’t exist, and humans are basically evil beings who will repeat carnages of the past. To me, that is not valuable. According to my point of view, parents should not let their kids read this series.Not recommended for kids but if you are an adult you can read it with an open mind. Adults will surely love this.

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