The Last Guardian Pdf (Artemis Fowl)

The Last Guardian Pdf

The Last Guardian Pdf

The Last Guardian Pdf

About the Book:

The Last Guardian Book

Author:                             Eoin Colfer

Series:                                Artemis Fowl (Book 8)

Publisher:                        Disney-Hyperion; First American Edition, 1st Printing edition

Publish date:                 July 10, 2012

ISBN-10:                          1423161610

ISBN-13:                           9781423161615

Pages:                               336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                       English

Genres:                            Young adult, fantasy


From the beginning, I have loved this series. In the 1st book, Artemis Fowl, Artemis is a 12-year old prodigy whose foremost desire in life is world domination. As the series has progressed, Artemis has developed into an affable hero, low on social skills, but big in heart. Colfer has fashioned a pleasant secondary cast of both magical beings and humans. The stories are packed with plenty of action and a large bout of laugh-out-loud humor.
The action picks up from Chapter 1. Opal is back–another prodigious character, but a malicious, diabolical one. And she has another plot, one that’s going to make her indomitable. Not only that, but it take in bringing dead fighters back to life, and owning Artemis’s family. If this does not sound amazing to you, I do not know what will. This book flies by, all 300-whatever pages of it. I read it in a single day.

The action picks up from Chapter One and never stops. This is certainly an action-oriented book, but the characters, as stated before, are prodigious too. Artemis is more “prodigies” (sorry, no other way to put it) than ever before. Holly is a bold, energetic female lead. Mr. Colfer manages to peppering humor throughout the book, and some lines will leave you in sews. Whenever Foaly or Mulch is in a scene, get ready to laugh. The former books in the series were humorous, but this one reaches new heights. I would go to this point to say this book is the hilarious and finest book Mr. Colfer has written. Not only that, but as a reward for following Artemis, he manages to sprinkle some mentions to previous books throughout this one.

And the ending. It will make some readers cry. It’s just so great. I don’t have words to describe it. After so many books, it is a perfect way to wind up the series. So, Artemis Fowl aficionado, when you go to your bookstore to get this book (because you must, if you are a follower of this series), do not dither when you begin to read it, knowing that it is the last book. Embrace it with open arms. Know that after 11 years, this series has finally reaches the conclusion it deserves. An ending that the fans be worthy of. At heart, the superb ending. Cheers, Artemis and Holly, for being awesome.

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