The Likeness Pdf

The Likeness Pdf

The Likeness Pdf

The Likeness Pdf

About the book:

The Likeness book

Author:                       Tana French

Publisher:                   Hodder Paperbacks

Publish date:               28 May 2009

ISBN-10:                      0340924799

ISBN-13:                     9780340924792

Pages:                          704 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


If you are expecting for a happy ending, a lover’s conclusion or a pat and satisfying ending to a whodunit than a Tana French novel is not for you.Nevertheless, if you are interested in learning about human relationships that are so rich and well evolved that it feels like you can touch them, envision them or have seen them, then I recommend The Likeness (and Tana French’s first in this series In the Woods).Ms. French has a knack for painting friendships and human interactions in such a fashion that I literally want to creep inside the book and be part of the interaction.
In The Likeness, the principal character is Cassie Maddox. We first met Cassi as she was portrayed in the novel In the Woods. At the beginning of The Likeness, Cassie is recovering both emotionally and career wise from the answers and the terminations of a lawsuit that ended badly – -both personally and career wise. For those who have read In the Woods, Ms. French created a hauntingly tight bond between partners Rob and Cassie. During The Likeness, Cassie often thinks of Rob and longs for that intimacy again.This yearning for intimacy leaves Cassie vulnerable. The focal point of The Likeness is crazy and unbelievable, the murder is sort of easy to figure out but that is not the point The Likeness and it does not diminish the impact of this volume. Readers read Tana French for her rich characters and psychological thrills. What is the level of this novel is Cassie’s relationship with the four main suspects and further, these suspects’ relationships with each other. What French has done, is taken an ideal of intimacy and friendship and multiplied it times 10. In verity, I hope at one spot in everyone’s life they have had such a tight bond that Ms. French describes between the references in this book (Rafe, Daniel, Justin, and Abby).To say this book is in part nostalgic, at least for me, it made me remember college roommates, being overseas and doing nothing else but focusing on my friendships

It isn’t a secret and Ms. French doesn’t hide it. We can totally pick up the train crash coming, we know the end is there but the way in which Ms. French expertly crafts the friendship and bonds of Rafe, Daniel, Justin and Abby got me (and Cassie) never want the closing to happen. The beautiful thing about The Likeness ending is that readers still have Faithful Place and Broken Harbor by Tana French to read. But there is little in effect about a Tana French book ending; it only makes me say there isn’t another 200 or 300 pages.

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