The Maze Runner pdf download

The Maze Runner pdf download

Download The Maze Runner pdf

Download The Maze Runner pdf

About the book:

The Maze Runner pdf download

Author:                        James Dashner

Publisher:                    Delacorte Press

Publish date:               October 2009

ISBN-10:                      0385737955

ISBN-13:                      9780385737951

Pages:                          376 (ebook pages can be different)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young-adult, science fiction, post-apocalyptic



What would you do if you get up and knew nothing about yourself except your name? What would you do if you get up with several people looking at you? What would you do if you were stuck in a box and the only way you could get to freedom is to find out the path through a maze? And what would you do if the maze’s walls continually changes throughout the night and was home to frightening creatures where one bite would send you in coma for weeks?

Thomas stuck in the similar situation in the book The Maze Runner by James Dashner. After reading this book, I realized it had surpassed all fantasy books I ever read. The notions are far more original; it is full of suspense, and although its theme may seem over worked, the book uses it contrarily than most. Unlike other fantasy books, this book comprises a very fascinating and innovative story line. As I read, no matter what page or chapter I was on, the story always found a way to grasp my attention. Just at the moment you think everything is calming down – BAM! – A new twist will leave you smiling.

For instance, when Thomas seems to be hanged in the Glade, another person arrives. Since new people show up frequently, that in itself is not surprising. But this time it was a girl. “Everything is about to change,” she said before crumpling. On the same day, the natural obstacles that protect the Glade from the malicious creatures known as Grievers were gone, leaving everyone vulnerable.Within a matter of pages, Dashner deviates a scene of peace into an outbreak of fear. The Maze Runner is a replication of the Maze that surrounds the Glade itself – small pieces of the puzzle, slowly shuffled and exposed throughout the book, keeping readers on their toes. We keep predicting what could be next, and what each distinct piece means until finally the whole picture comes into dramatic crystal sharp clarity.This book will definitely keep you excited.

Lastly, the story has an influential theme: sometimes you just have to follow your instincts and overlook what your brain thinks, or society, says. This book is a perfect example of instincts. When you talk about a cliff-hanger ending that leaves you drooling for more, I don’t think you can get any more convincing or infuriating than the end of The Maze Runner. I feel that this is an overworked theme since I always find that, characters take risks that results in something better, but Dashner makes it different from other stories. Although it may look a bit puzzling, but if you spend some time to read this book, you will not be disappointed.

Download The Maze Runner pdf

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