The Queen’s Army Pdf

The Queen’s Army Pdf

The Queen’s Army Pdf

The Queen’s Army Pdf

About the Book:

The Queen’s Army Book

Author:                        Marissa Meyer

Publisher:                    Tor Books

Publish date:               November 20, 2012

Pages:                          19 (eBook pages can be different)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance



A cool addition to the Lunar Chronicles universe – The Queen’s Army is the short story that states how Wolf becomes a member of the Lunar Queen’s special army. If you have not read book two, SCARLET, then you have not met any Wolf yet. Yes, Wolf as in The Little Red Riding Hood. These books in The Lunar Chronicles are sci-fi restating’s of typical fairy tales. He’s one of the main characters that are introduced in Scarlet. I completely love him, and this short story just assisted hammer home that feeling and gave me new reasons as well.

Marissa Meyer did a really prodigious job developing characters with such a short book. I felt like I surely got to know and understand Z – who is the main character in “The Queen’s Army.” He’s been dragged away from his family against his will because he has unique lunar gifts. Basically he’s been drafted into the army and this is not any ordinary army. The Lunar Queen has been running tests on her own people, converting them into werewolves to be a particularly brutal army. Anyone who likes werewolves I think will enjoy this twist on werewolves – Marissa Meyer really put emphasis on the ways that they are like the real wolves, as well as what makes the difference in fun ways.

I also really enjoyed that we got a sight of how the Lunar Queen’s subjects are living. Through this short we get a glimpse of the ways she and her subordinates are using their lunar skills to control the people and force them into submission. We already assumed it and now we know,she really is EVIL. In this book you will see how young lunar children are taken and genetically transformed with the DNA of wolves to become a stronger soldier, they inspire animal instincts and malicious trends. Every day of their lives is a combat, particularly among their own.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything particular bad about “The Queen’s Army.” But since we’re getting our first actual sight of the Lunars, I would have loved to get more of a view of their world. Marissa Meyer didn’t actually stop to show it to us. I needed particulars about what living on the moon looked like, how are their homes and clothes and everything different? But since we leave the public world almost instantly we don’t really get to see that. I was bummed, but in the end, still loved this short of lunar chronicles.

Sometimes reading these shorts & tales doesn’t look to matter for the story – and while you could thoroughly read Scarlet without reading “The Queen’s Army” and fully understand it, I can’t think why you want to opt out on this background story for some main characters moving forward. The short novel is free, and a fun read, so I would not miss it!

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