The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Pdf

About the book:

The Secret Circle Volume 1 The Initiation Book

Author:                        L.J Smith

Publisher:                    HarperTeen

Publish date:               August 21, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0061670855

ISBN-13:                      9780061670855

Pages:                          416 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy, Romance, Young-adult, Fiction


The Secret Circle by L.J Smith gives some good ideas but they don’t go anywhere. 16-year-old Cassie is suddenly enforced to move with her single mom to mom’s home town somewhere Cassie has never been because mom and grandma have been separated for 16 years.

You may think that a major family issue would be addressed in the story but it isn’t. Cassie moves into a primeval house packed with antiques but she might as well be living on her own with the lack of communication in the house.

Cassie was dumb. There were several times when she could have stood up for herself and she didn’t. For example, when that lad on the beach gripped her wrist, she could have said, “Stay away from me, creep.” Very simple. She is also extremely tedious. She is possibly the dullest being ever to walk on the face of the earth. Also, she is childish. Literally she follows Diana around like she’s 7 years old. It’s terrible. She is lacking the power of decision-making even for herself.

Moreover, Cassie tells Adam she loves him after they just had only total of two conversations. I think we chosen a winner. But it’s all right, because he loves her too! They know this because they have shared two expressive conversations. (Note: the second conversation was all about expressing their love, so exactly they only had one conversation.)

Cassie’s little schoolgirl yearning after the enigmatic guy she met on the beach was wretched. She kept expressing her thoughts about him all the time, and it was just so irritating.

Altogether other characters are also dumb, though Diana is okay. Faye is the only fascinating character in this book because she’s the only one who has the fusion of intellect and mischief to create interest. Even she is a stereotypical bad girl, though possibly crueler than most. But I think Lindsay Edge comb could take her.

Overall comment about L.J. Smith books: the writing is just bland. She glides over core details to focus more on the uninteresting thoughts of the main character a lot. It’s just like that she doesn’t even bother about the writing, she just twines words together into expressions that make rational sense in order to keep the plot moving in a course other than a downward spiral. I know a lot of people truly like her. No offense. Just something I’ve noticed.

I did not disgust the book because it varied from the TV show! I practically always take the side of the book in these scenarios. Books are typically better than TV shows. But not in this instance.Will I read the next part of “Cassie’s saga”? Yes, I will definitely read it

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