The Selection The Guard Pdf

The Selection The Guard Pdf

The Selection The Guard Pdf

The Selection The Guard Pdf

About the book:

The Selection The Guard book

Author:                        Clifford Stein, Thomas H Cormen, Ronald L Rivest, Charles E Leiserson

Publisher:                   HarperCollins

Publish date:               February 4, 2014

ISBN-10:                      0062317148

ISBN-13:                     978-0062317148

Pages:                          64 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                     Novel


This volume is taken after the end of the second. America remains in the competition, but it must regain the trust of Maxon.
A long first bit of action and the relationship between Maxon and America around in circles. They are so uncertain that it is sometimes annoying. And America is a slap head sometimes. Still, I was moved by certain passages. I was expecting maybe a lot of the latter book, and I was on my hunger. I still have so many questions, especially on the renegades. Too bad that is not the end was a little further, she arrived in a few pages and finalization.
A saga that I enjoyed, but I was also disappointed in some respects. Sometimes it is too light and not thorough enough to become a heart stroke. But it causes feelings while playing in a roller coaster. A nice trilogy but could have been much more.

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