The Seventh Tower The Fall Pdf

The Seventh Tower The Fall Pdf

The Seventh Tower The Fall Pdf

The Seventh Tower The Fall Pdf

About the Book:

The Seventh Tower The Fall Book

Author:                              Garth Nix

Series:                               The Seventh Tower (Book 1)

Publisher:                         Scholastic Paperbacks; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   June 5, 2000

ISBN-10:                          0439176824

ISBN-13:                          9780439176828

Pages:                               2208 eBook pages can be different

Language:                       English

Genres:                            Fantasy novel


Garth Nix”s The Fall is a captivating start to what promises to be an attention-grabbing and inspirational series. The character changing aspects are bump up with Tal, the young protagonist of the story the kindhearted serene, and somewhat weak member of the party. Whereas Milla is the ferocious and belligerent female who is poised and capable.

The fantasy world Garth Nix has fashioned in The Seventh Tower series is an incredible one, packed of thrillers and an opulent history just waiting to reveal along with opposing societies and sites, each with unseen agendas. Tal came of age in the Orange Order of the mysterious castle which exists in a world of darkness. The lone light in the world comes from the vital Sunstones and it is in his desperation to recover one of these Sunstones that leads Tal to effort for the forbidden and soar the Red Tower. He results in falling into a strange world where he is the chary and disparaged member of the society.

The main thing I enjoyed on the whole was the strengths in both Tal and Milla, one has strength of self-control and fortitude, and the other has strength of conceit and poise and physical strength. The worlds of Tal and Milla are so diverse and yet both equally intriguing and enchanting.

Regardless of its younger targeted audience, I”m anticipating I will revel in this series more than The Keys to the Kingdom, fairly due to my enthrallment with the seemingly matriarchal society of the Icecarls and the captivating gender and social assignment individualities the societies of The Seventh Tower have. The head of state of the Castle is a Monarch, whilst there are obviously also a number of male authorities as well. The Icecarls are led by a Crone, with the utmost reverence given to the Mother Crone, and the Crone is worked by female fighters known as Shield Maidens.
The heights of diverseness in this book are remarkable, though not as much so as Sabriel-one can barely expect something so radical for readers of Jedi Tyro! Tal is a scrupulously human and sensitive character, and as he matures more frantic the reader wants him to thrive more.
Garth Nix is great for older kids, perfect for young adults (YA) and just as fun to adults. This book perhaps intended for somewhat younger audience than his Abhorsen series, but if you like great books, don”t let that hold you over.

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