The Sins of the Father Pdf

The Sins of the Father Pdf

The Sins of the Father Pdf

The Sins of the Father Pdf

About the Book:

The Sins of the Father Book

Author:                       Jeffrey Archer

Series:                        The Clifton Chronicles (Book 2)

Publisher:                   St. Martin’s Paperbacks; Reprint edition

Publish date:             November 27, 2012

ISBN-10:                     1250010403

ISBN-13:                     9781250010407

Pages:                          432 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Fiction


The Sins of the Father is the 2nd installment in The Clifton Chronicles, a family chronicle by Jeffrey Archer that started out with Only Time Will Tell and focuses on Harry Clifton, the lad of a Bristol port worker who passed away under mysterious conditions and an insolvent woman who went beyond and above the onuses of a mother to ensure her son received the education he deserved. The most recent installment in the series picks up right where Only Time Will Tell left off. The drama of the Clifton’s and the Barrington’s keeps up at extreme pace in The Sins of the Father. Archer engages his readers by plunging them into the action from the 1st page, switching often between different characters’ perspective, peeling back another layer of the narrative in almost every chapter, and knowing just when to leave readers hanging in suspense.

The book is divided in sections by character, with overlapping years so that readers follow each of them over the course of the war. This plot structure works great here because the characters are well developed and could each have a uniqueness of their own. Furthermore, Archer associates all of them a strong leading character — Harry, a reluctant hero who is made out to be almost virtuous sometimes but is very tangible in his feelings and slip-ups.
As in Only Time Will Tell, Archer leaves readers with another cliffhanger ending. That usually sent me over the edge, but at least I was expecting it this time. I highly recommend this series for readers who love to read mysterious books with a little action and a lot of family mysteries and well developed characters. There’s a lot going on in these books, and at times they might cross the line into preposterous, but they really are meant to be entertaining reads. I just hope I ought not to wait too long for the next installment.
What made Only Time Will Tell entertaining was the plot: the tale was told through multiple perspectives, each account of the tale carried forward the insinuation of suspense. Sins…, however, has a relatively sedate narrative. While the story is still told through different characters’ point of view, the narrative traipses on towards a predictable end. Like its prologue, part deux of Harry’s tale ends with a cliffhanger — somewhat gimmicky, considering the year long wait for its follow-up.

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