The Sleepwalker CHERUB Pdf

The Sleepwalker CHERUB Pdf

The Sleepwalker CHERUB Pdf

The Sleepwalker CHERUB Pdf

About the book:

The Sleepwalker CHERUB book

Author:                        Robert Muchamore

Publisher:                    Hodder & Stoughton; CHERUB #9 edition

Publish date:               February 7, 2008

ISBN-10:                      0340931833

ISBN-13:                      9780340931837

Pages:                          336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Children’s, Thriller, Spy novel.



THE SLEEPWALKER is the 9th installment of the spy kid series Cherub, written by Robert Muchamore. I like the character James due to the traits he possess and his boisterous scent. He is my favorite character not only because he is the protagonist and you know what he will do next, but because you feel yourself in him, making the book nothing but more strong and fascinating, and in a book like this there is plenty of that.

Sleepwalker made me really dwell on the world that we reside in now and how there are lots of struggles in the world today. With wars and folks doing unlawful activities all in which are effecting the world we dwell in. Where these Cherub agents are truly our last barrage of protection to help prevent something major happening to the world turning it into turmoil.
I supposed the training exercise was too lengthy and complex. I liked the representation of Fahim as it gave the reader a real understanding of his character. The assignment itself was for Jake and Lauren to befriend Fahim and retrieve any info linking to his father’s possible contribution in the plane crash. Jake is presented as arrogant and inexpert and he comes by as being quite odious. Lauren character is more developed than in prior books. The root of the plane crash is a covert and is exposed completely by chance – it’s not what you reflect.
While I revel in reading “The Sleepwalker found it to be engaging, it wouldn’t be my favorite in the CHERUB series up to now. (That honor stops with Divine Madness). I dislike it when children get slayed in books and the demise of ex- chairman Dr. McAfferty’s wife, daughter-in-law and 2 of his grandchildren in a plane crash made me feel blue.

Domestic violence is a subject in this book as Fahim’s dad, Hassam, is abhorrent towards him and his mother. Also, Gemma, Kerry and James’ teammate on work experience has a partner who beats her up on a regular basis. Why can’t James keep out of trouble, though? He seems to slip into fights in every book in the series. To catch on what he does this time, read the book!
To finish, this book is an engaging and gripping read, despite its few slips.

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