The Son of Neptune Pdf (Heroes of Olympus, Book 2)

The Son of Neptune Pdf

The Son of Neptune Pdf

The Son of Neptune Pdf

About the book:

The Son of Neptune Pdf book

Author:                        Rick Riordan

Publisher:                    Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition

Publish date:               July 2, 2013

ISBN-10:                      1423141997

ISBN-13:                      9781423141990, 9781423140597

Pages:                          560 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Fantasy, Greek mythology, Young adult



With The Son of Neptune Rick Riordan carry on his enormously popular Heroes of Olympus Narrative. Neptune does an excellent job of picking up where the 1st book in the series, The Lost Hero, left off. It adroitly moves the series onward introducing new storylines even while it answers some of the questions that aficionados of The Lost Hero have been marveling about for a year now.

Of course, the big question that gets answered in this book is: What happened to Percy Jackson? In The Lost Hero we learned that he had missing but only got ambiguous clues of what might have happened. In The Son of Neptune, Percy returns as one of the protagonists. At the very beginning of the novel we find Percy Jackson exposed of his reminiscences and being hunted by 2 gorgons. He come across Juno in the form of an old lady and she gives him a choice. He can recover his reminiscences and save the gods by going to the Roman half-blood camp or stay where he is and be certain of his safety.

Percy’s decision to go to the Roman camp becomes an initiation point for presenting the Roman demigods and commencing a new quest. The Roman camp, where Percy lands, is in and of itself mesmerizing. Awash with Lares (house gods) and divided into masses similar to those of the Roman army the camp gorgeously introduces readers to aspects of Roman culture as well as the variances between Greek and Roman tradition.

The Son of Neptune picks up almost all of the main threads that were started in The Lost Hero. We get further clues as to the sense of the prophecy about the 7 half-bloods. We also learn more about Gaea’s plans to destroy the gods and how the half-bloods are supposed to stop her. As always, Riordan shows an implausible talent for expressing teenage language and emotion. I am an adult reader, but I am always captivated by how Riordan’s ability to craft very real teenage characters prompts me of what it felt like to be an angst filled teen. The miscellany of the characters in this series remains one of its strong point. Their different ethnicities and backgrounds make them credible and relatable in ways that the characters in numerous other young adult novels are not.

Fans of the Heroes of Olympus Series who have been waiting for the next part for the last year will certainly be very pleased with this action packed, page-turning continuation of Riordan’s heroic tale. Thanks to Riordan, a generation of young Americans will gain and gratitude for the myths of ancient Greece and Rome and the rich cultures that they were a part of. The only hard part will be waiting another year for the 3rd installment.

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