The Stand pdf

The Stand pdf

The Stand pdf

The Stand pdf

About the book:

The Stand pdf book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Anchor

Publish date:               June 28, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0307743683

ISBN-13:                      9780385121682, 9780307743688

Pages:                          1472 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Post apocalyptic, horror, fiction



The world as we know ends when the government fortuitously leaked a ‘super flu’ virus at a facility and one idiot was able to bust the lock down protections and infect the world. His intentions were to get out and take his family and get the hell out of Dodge, but he ended up passing death. The flu killed millions of people in 2 weeks, and others were not affected at all. The survivors are left numb and wondering ‘what the hell happened and what do I do now?”

The government is trying to obscure the incident. They want us to believe it’s just another flu and they are working a serum. They begin isolating cities and shooting any people that try to leave.

The world as we know it is over. There is no electricity, water; a good mass of the population is gone. Why were the armed forces killing people? In the weeks to follow, many begin to have dreams. Some of a very petrifying force that they cannot explain, and others of a very deep and good force. All are having similar dreams, but do not tell others. Many begin trekking across America in exploration of other survivors, finding ease in knowing there are certainly other people out there. Most have to walk or ride cycles because the roads are besieged with vehicles full of the dead.

The Walking Dude, Satan’s Urchin, or Randall Flagg as he calls himself is the Dark Man. He is a very dominant evil that is summoning all of the survivors that were lunatics, convicts, psychotics, to serve him. Those are lead to Las Vegas where he has begun rebuilding his society.

Those in Boulder know the Dark Man is across the Rockies. They too are working on rebuilding their lives by dissipating the dead bodies everything, reinstating power, heat, law, government. After a retro of just being grateful to have come here, they are told they have to stop the Dark Man.

There is horror, confusion, wit and love. It’s the story of how people are altered in an instant. They don’t have to be whom or what they were ‘before’. It’s a chance to start over. This book really made me think.

For those aware with this book, or even the movie, I know I haven’t done the book justice with this review. It is hard to explain why I love this book so much. The battle between good and evil, the end of the world, rebuilding society, King’s wit? As of this date, I’ve read it 3 times. I am in love with most of the characters as I know them individually. I truly believe this is his best work.

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