The Tommyknockers Pdf

The Tommyknockers Pdf

The Tommyknockers Pdf

The Tommyknockers Pdf

About the Book:

The Tommyknockers Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet; Reissue edition

Publish date:               October 31, 1988

ISBN-10:                      0451156609

ISBN-13:                      9780451156600

Pages:                          752 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science fiction


Okay, to be honest, the book gets engrossing after one drags through the first 200 pages. Before that, we spend a long time getting to know Bobbi Anderson and Jim Gardener. But once the book develops its story to include the members of the entire town of Haven, the book does not slow down.
The Tommy Knockers, while not my favorite King novel, is a great effort. People may criticize about an anti-climactic finale (They must have read the ending to a different book, the climax I read was pretty rousing) or the fact that the characters seem to stagger down a path of obliteration. Well, that happens in life too. I think King’s writing is at the maximum of its form. I think the part when Jim Gardener drunkenly ruins an all too well-bred cocktail party with a outburst against the destructive powers of nuclear energy is one of the most powerful acts in all of King’s tenet, and one of the most unsettling without benefit of any uncanny interference. Regardless of all the evil the characters in his narratives have faced (indeed, Pennywise the clown makes a transitory appearance in a city drain, which is odd as this tale is to have taken place 3 years after the events in IT. one thinks King’s editors add the dates of the events of his narratives to accord with the publication dates and not to resemble with when the narratives were actually written. We also come across a minor character from the Dead Zone, and “blink and you’ll miss them” references to “Firestarter” and “Salem’s Lot.”) The novel makes it obvious that the things that men do in the name of scientific advancement can be equally as petrifying as a young girl possessed of psionic abilities. True, the similarity between nuclear power and the Tommy knockers polluting the air is about as elusive as Annie Wilkes expressing dissatisfaction, but hey, it was written in the 80’s, but it loses none of its power.
This is a very decent book, possibly one of the most down to earth science fiction/horror tales around. And that’s the good thing about Stephen King. He writes intensely gripping tales that are accessible to everyone. And that, to quote Martha, is a good thing.

“Tommy Knockers” is about aging and death. Time owns and transforms all of us, makes our teeth and hair fall out, prunes our dreams, makes us distorted from our youthful selves. This is a sad book, and unlike King’s former works the characters have no power to fight such a rival. Affirming the worth of love, however futile, in the face of death is the point of the book.

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