The Valkyries Paulo Coelho Pdf

The Valkyries Pdf

The Valkyries Paulo Coelho Pdf

The Valkyries Paulo Coelho Pdf

About the book:

The Valkyries book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Publisher:                    HarperOne; Reprint edition

Publish date:               February 14, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0062513346

ISBN-13:                      9780062513342

Pages:                          224 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Love, Mystery, Spiritual


The Valkyries is an incorporeal story, greatly in the essence of James Redfield, only this epic saga is genuine.
This is Paulo Coelho’s amazing true story of his happenstance with darkness, his quest for the light, and the seeking of his personal angel. He accounts his journey from Brazil, with his wife Chris, and their forty-days stay in the Mojave Desert, in search of Valkyries. The Valkyries were believed to be able to speak and to see their angels. Having battled a combat with darkness, Paulo has redeemed his life and is a seeker of the light. Paulo was also told that “folks end up killing what they love most” as he pursues to correct some, if not all, areas of his life.

This book is journey of devotion, of faith, of mercy, of love, of self-discovery, and of combatting the darkness within ourselves, and wanting to transform. As Paulo states, “Faith is a different invasion, and it involves daily battle in order to keep up.” His faith is tested to the very end, as he strives for interaction with his angels. His journey within transforms him along with transforming his wife at the same time. Their 2 soul journeys will enthuse you.

We are accountable for everything that takes place in this world. We are the soldiers of the light. With the power of our love and determination, we can change our destiny, along with the destiny of many others. In this era of angel sightings, angel incidences are happening with extreme regularity. It is as if God is sending his envois with a message and that message if one of love. The epic being written give optimism to those in need of optimism and illustrate the message that there is another way – love.
This is a wonderful book, which will cause you to think and revaluate actions of your life. I read the book in 1 sitting and had to hold up with it till the very end. If you are on a divine journey or even on a transforming journey at this time in your life, this is one book that you will need to read. As Coelho says, “God is love, kindness and mercy; if we have faith in this, we will not ever let our flaws to paralyze us.” I highly recommend this book.

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