The Walking Dead Vol 4 The Heart’s Desire Pdf

The Walking Dead Vol 4 The Heart’s Desire Pdf

The Walking Dead 16 Pdf

The Walking Dead 16 Pdf

About the book:

The Walking Dead Vol 4 The Heart’s Desire book

Author: Robert Kirkman

Publisher: Image – Skybound (March 2, 2005)

Publish date: (March 2, 2005)


ISBN-10: 1582405301

ISBN-13: 978-1582405308

Pages: 37 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Comics & Graphic Novels, Zombies, Horror


This volume follows Safety behind bars (episodes 13 to 18) that must be read before. It includes episodes 19 to 24, originally published in 2005, written by Robert Kirkman, drawn and inked by Charlie Adlard, with gray patterns applied by Cliff Rathburn. The lettering was done by Rus Wooton, cover by Tony Moore.

2 people go to the prison where Rick Grimes and his small community are located: a black lady with sabers, and Otis who returns after an expedition to the outside. At the end of the preceding volume, one of the prisoners demanded the departure of Rick Grimes and his band immediately, on pain of being shot on the spot. But the situation resolves on its own when a giddiness provokes the attack of a new wave of zombies, inside the fence. Once again, members of the community must shoot down a horde of zombies, not very fast, but completely obsessed with the idea of ​​fresh flesh. On the other side of the fence, Michonne also delivers the zombie with the knife to save the unfortunate Otis cornered against the fence.

Once the wave has stopped, it is still necessary to go around the block A to exterminate the zombies who did not participate in the assault. Glenn and Maggie pierce some brains to the grid, before isolating themselves for a bit of room sports. Otis attacks Patricia for supporting 2 prisoners, of color in addition. Herschel Greene continues plowing and sowing in the prison yard, casting a contemptuous look at Axel (one of the detainees). Michonne draws from the cast. Andrea proposes to everyone to dress in orange to be able to wash their civilian clothes properly, and possibly to dress it up.

With this fourth volume, the reader finds all the writing tics of the authors. The narrative is always punctuated by these moments of shock, either based on the appearance of zombies, or on the basis of revelation as thunderous as it is shattering, with an over-dramatized layout in a narrative that knows neither the half- Measure, nor the nuance. When Rick Grimes realizes that murdering another human being is no longer a taboo, the reader is entitled to a drawing in full page of a seated individual overwhelmed by such a revelation. When Andrea surprised Michonne to speak aloud, she broke into her cell in a full-page drawing. When Rick Grimes has his face bloody after the blows given by another member of the group, it is again a drawing in full page on his face, to be sure that the reader has grasped all the importance and primordial moment . Even taking into account that Kirkman and Adlard respect the serial issue of the series, the reader regularly feels that he is told when a huge thing happens, to make sure he does not miss it not. On the same level, the regular rhythm of revelations or capital moments keeps the reader’s attention at regular intervals, while emerging as an artificial rhythm only dictated by that of publication, and disconnected from the more determined rhythm of the narrative, Avoid a form of boredom set in front of a complex situation evolving very slowly.

The reader can continue to be irritated by the tics of Charlie Adlard who persists in the affixing of flat blacks on the faces and silhouettes inconsistent with the light source (s) present. As soon as a character starts a monologue a little long, the backgrounds have a marked tendency to empty of any visual element. It must be said that Kirkman likes that his characters expose their point of view with many explanations, for one or two pages, as if they had prepared a speech, that they had learned it by heart, and that their audience was silent By listening to them religiously. To a lesser degree than in the preceding volume, but in a marked manner, several couples are only waiting for the opportunity to isolate themselves to copulate at their ease, without concern for contraception, because pregnancy does not happen Than others. In view of the context, this behavior is particularly irresponsible. Some of them (Maggie & Glenn) remain lying next without clothing or cover because it must be particularly hot, surely. We will not insist on the spontaneous jig offered to one of the men by a woman who only met her for a few minutes.

Of course some individuals continue to smash the brain of zombies with a knife or a carpenter’s hammer because they are surely better at being closer to the zombies, that is to say within reach of their arms. Seeing a young woman wielding the katana, the reader recovers, saying that the knife and the hammer remain utensils more probable than Japanese swords which are really too cool. Despite everything, the reader feels the wind turn when Otis has the presence

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